Hello again- long time since I posted

It must be around a year since my last post. I stopped reading and posting for a while because basically I was punch drunk with all this MAV stuff and wanted a break from even thinking about it. Nothing’s changed really - moved house, got a part time job from home, got a new puppy - but I’m still struggling daily with MAV issues.

For those who don’t remember me from before I’m from the UK, 59 years old, have had headaches from age 13, vertigo from age 19, worsening symptoms after a bout of labrynthitis at 45 when life as I knew it came to a standstill, diagnosed with MAV shortly afterwards, tried all sorts of meds without success, gave up on them, had vast improvement in symptoms on the MAV diet plus going wheat and dairy free. Tiredness and stress are my biggest triggers.

It’s really good to be back. I used to find so much help here. Looking forward to contributing again.


Welcome back Brenda. :slight_smile:

A few new faces here and hopefully some new information to help you conquer MAV.


Hi Brenda, glad to see someone else from the UK :smiley: Did you find giving up dairy made a difference? Do you have a cheese substitute? I used to eat Soya cheese until I found out Soya can affect the thyroid. I have thyroid antibodies but normal TSH.


Thanks for the welcome back Vic and Christine.

Vic - It’s very encouraging to read of the progress you’ve made. And now on no meds and doing well. Fantastic! I’ve been catching up with your story and wish you continuing wellness.

Christine - Yes, I did find giving up dairy made a difference but I do miss it and so a couple of times have tried a bit of cottage cheese or yoghurt. I seem now to be able to tolerate a tiny bit but I always go over the top once I get the taste for it and overdo it and then suffer for it! But I’ll keep on trying because I’ve learnt I can tolerate quite a few things now in small doses that I couldn’t to start with.

I don’'t have a cheese substitute but I use rice milk instead of milk.


Hi Brenda, Welcome back and so sorry you have been suffering for so long. I’ve had this since I was 11 and I am only 30 years old. I hope your stories can help me get through the many years of life I hope to have ahead of me. I have found so much help and advice on this board and don’t know what I’d do without it.