Hello all

I’m very much new to all this having only recently been diagnosed but just wanted to say thanks to all who contribute to this forum as this has been a very valuable resource when trying to get my head around what’s happening to me.

Bit of background, this all started a few months ago when I got up too quickly, BOOM, incredible spell of dizziness that I’ve never felt before. Pins and needles, the feeling of everything spinning, extreme fatigue where I feel like I cant even lift my head, head pressure, tight chest, heart palpitations and very poor sleep.

Current situation seems to be constant dizziness, what I call ‘fuzziness’ and a feeling of generally being unwell. Im also incredibly easily agitated and find myself uncontrollably snapping at every little annoyance :frowning: I seem to be struggling to sleep and when I do im woken by multiple cases of heavy spinning and what seems to be panic attacks off the back of that. That leads to the next few days feeling completely awful as if ive been under attack, rinse and repeat. This cycle of poor sleep undoubtedly makes things worse and is the hardest thing im trying to tackle right now.

Again, thanks to all on this forum. It helps to speak to others in a similar position which isn’t nice to see, but it definitely adds some form of comfort to be able to read and speak to people who at least understand what’s going on. I find trying to explain to someone that ‘vestibular migraine’ doesn’t just mean a headache is tough.

Take care all

Alright Aaron / Ferrit / Ric Flair?
Sorry you are here.

You say it all started when you got up too quickly. What happened before that… as in what was your lifestyle like?

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Hi Andy

Yes I can 100% pin point that particular event as to when this all started for me, before that although I have always suffered from migraine they would be what I call the more traditional kind (at least to me), and were always a set routine

  1. Visual aura (flashing lights)
  2. Pins and needles
  3. Really bad head ache
  4. Done within the space of 2-3 hours

I probably only got them 1/2 times a year at most.

Other than that lifestyle very good, very active, very outgoing. Bit of a difference nowadays :frowning:

A 2-3 our headache probably sounds like a good deal now!

Did you struggle with sleep before?
How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?
Did you feel worn out / overstrained before the dizziness started?

Yeah, it’s not good mate. I was very active and outgoing before. I’m now a solitary couch potato. Don’t recognise anything. Doing better now than I was at the start however. If it wasn’t for the tinnitus I’d be fine.

Yeah it does sound like a good deal, at least they were predictable in that once it started you knew exactly what to expect and for how long

Never particularly struggled with sleep before, no more than most people anyway. The odd night tough but for the most part no problem.
Im 38
Dont particularly feel worn out before it happens no, in fact I normally feel at my best just before an attack

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with tinnitus :frowning:

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