Hello All!

Hi All

It has been a very long time since I have posted, but I thought I would drop in and say hello!

For the past 6/7 months I have been hovering at around 85 - 95%. This allows me to be fully functional and lead a normal life - I still don’t feel 100% normal but I’m kind of at peace that may never be the case.

To be honest I’m currently at a point where I am ENJOYING my life, and I don’t think about this everyday. I’m currently taking 10/15mg of Cipramil and 1mg of Pizotifen. I still feel quite off at times, but I have learnt to ignore it and take it as the norm. I still get sudden rushes of dizziness too like I might spin.

These seems just about enough to keep a lid on things, or maybe its purely coincidental. I’m really not sure with this stuff. I just seem to have improved this year.

Currently my life is on track - good job, lots of travelling and a new woman. I’m always praying I dont have a major relapse (quite probable) as it just screws everything up again.

Anyhow must get back to work - off to Russia tomorrow!

I hope you are all feeling better and coping.


Hey Luke,

Great to hear from you and know that you are doing so well. Just curious as to whether you think Cipramil alone would keep you at the same level. Have you ever been on just Cipramil without Piz? I guess I ask because Cip sorted me out on its own and you were not getting any results on Piz alone.

Cheers … Scott

NIce to hear the good news!
Luke, do you ever have to take any benzos? I find the only time I"m doing well is if I take my Cymbalta, as well as a small dose of Klonapin. My friend, who is in the medical field, and who also suffers from migraine (the traditional kind) and has seizures, was telling me that the day she took Lamactil for the first time, she felt better the very next day. She was wondering why no doctor ever put me on a mood stabilizer, as it “calms the brain”…stabilizes the neurons…I’m guessing similiar to what the benzos do. I do see that Dr. Hain has the anti-seizure meds as first thing to try for Migraine/MAV if diet/lifestyle doesn’t work. I have done some looking around on the forum here and can’t find much on the anti seizure stuff, other than topomax.

Any thoughts?


Hi Luke,

Well I have both of these in the cabinet, having just had a 4 day stinker of a migraine, maybe its time to try them both together, did you start on one, then add the other or do them both together?


Hi Luke,

Have just had an email from my friend who has been doing well on Cipramil for ages and they changed her brand and she felt rotten and had to go back to the first one. I have just emailed her to ask her which one was OK. Can you say which one you are on too so I can compare it to the one I have?

Also, repeat of question above (although you are probably in Russia now, you lucky thing being well enough to travel there!)
Did you start the Cipramil first then add the other or the other way round, or did you take both together from the beginning?

Just on the 6th day of continuous migraine and feeling sick so am thinking of giving it another go.