Hello everyone

Just thought I would say hello. Been lurking here for a few months and found some VALUABLE information. Thank you to the mods and creators of this site.

After nearly a year of this (no real diag yet) I went to the ENT who told me I have nothing wrong with my ears. I am now lucky enough to be seeing Dr S soon privately.

I wish you all the best.


I have also been going through this for awhile and have not been diagnosed yet either. My general doctor and I talked about mav and she thinks I may have diagnosed myself with the help of this site.

Good luck to you and I hope you are able to get a diagnosis soon.


Good luck to both of you, and remember, everyone, that Q-tips are not for digging deep–otherwise you could end up with something wrong with your ears! The wax is there for a purpose. (Sealing letters?)

Thanks - thats funny, we call them cotton buds in the UK…how do you find Nort ? Have you gained any weight ? I tried it but it made me very angry, irritable, short fused.


Connundrum, I’ve read other people saying that they gained weight on nortriptaline. I haven’t, and I haven’t noticed it fucking with me any other way (nor has my wife complained of it doing so). I do exercise a fair bit, though not quite as regularly as would be optimally healthy.