Hello-new here!


I’m new here and am really encouraged to see the help and support that all of you offer each other. This is my story. In Aug 2008 after a couple of incidents, including a crazy roller coaster ride, wisdom teeth extraction and a cold and ear infection I began to have 24/7 dizziness. NO violent spinning or vertigo. Just a rocking/floating sensation in my head, which got worse when I moved, heavy head or fogginess, inability to focus, light and sound sensitivity. This was all day, everyday, and I slowly deteriorated into depression. Saw my GP and ENT. I had an ENG test which showed 19% vestibular loss in one year. No hearing loss. Doing my own research, I went to see a vestibular therapist who started me on a course of therapy. This didn’t help, but she was an amazing person and this gave me a lot of support. Well, I saw a neuro-otologist after this and he diagnosed me with MAV, and sent me to a neurologist who put me on 10 mg amitriptyline. I took this for about 2 weeks, before my depression and anxiety came to a head and I saw a psychiatrist who put me on Prozac and Xanax. Xanax really helped with the anxiety, and I took Prozac for about 2-3 weeks. I stopped amitriptyline.

In Nov 2008, I took off from work, went to stay with my family. Incidentally, I went back home for my wedding in Dec 2008. As soon as I went home (almost the same day) I felt a lot better. I stopped all medication then. Since then, I was almost back to normal. Only had dizziness episodes in huge grocery stores, when it was raining outside etc, and they would go away immediately.

About 3 weeks ago, I came down with a bad viral infection (cold and fever) and the dizziness has started again. The exact same symptoms as before, and constant throughout the day again.

Does this sound like MAV to you? Both bouts were preceded by a cold infection, so I’m always wondering whether it is vestibular neuritis. And I’ve never had bad headaches, just regular ones once in a while.

Some of you indicate that you take SSRI’s for migraine prevention. Do you think the Prozac from the last time around helped me with my MAV (even though it was prescribed for depression)?

I’m starting therapy again and am going to see a neurologist here in Atlanta. I’m hoping for the best.

Thanks for listening.

Curious if you are seeing a neurologist who specializes in Mav and if so who?


I’m hoping to see someone at the Emory dizziness and balance clinic. I am waiting for a referral to come through (HMOs!!!)

I see you’re in GA. Are you seeing a doctor? Any recommendations?

The last time I had this dizziness in 2008 I saw Dr. Ronald Steenerson (neuro-otologist). He diagnosed MAV and referred me to a headache specialist (Sharon King at Atlanta neurology).

Have you been to Emory yet and if so what was there recommended treatment?