Hello new here

Hello I have been lurking for a while so thought I would say hello.
I had a bad ear infection in 2019, vertigo and dizzyness and a recovery which took 6 weeks. Doctor said it was Labs and the audiologist said resulted in hearing loss in my right ear (lower and higher range). Meniere’s Disease has been ruled out as at the time of the attack I didn’t experience ear fullness a change in my tinnitus or have suffered from fluctuating hearing loss etc. The Audiologist also said that since my tinnitus started in 2014 it was also unlikely it was MD. Fast forward to 2020 in March and I had extreme stress which resulted in vertigo and in July more extreme stress due to a relationship breakdown (30 year relationship) which resulted in more vertigo attacks. I paid privately for an ENT consultant Zoom appointment (due to Covid pandemic) who was absolutely useless and wouldn’t let me describe all my symptoms. Since the July vertigo attacks I decided to keep a log. I know you cannot diagnose but these are my symptoms etc.
I have had migraines since my twenties usually aura with no headache and clench my teeth often (dentist diagnosed me with Bruxism)
During the July attack which went on for weeks I could smell phantom car exhaust fumes
After the vertigo I would more often than not have a headache, particularly over my eye
I see very brief sparks
As I became less stressed the vertigo seemed to decrease in severity and time
I have a stiff neck which clicks - the last vertigo attack I heard a loud crack in my neck which woke me up and then I had a mild vertigo attack
I had nausea for quite a long time
I have a particular intolerance to strong smells and struggle with complex patterns
Working on a computer is hard going
I had a large black floater in my eye after the vertigo
I find it hard to tolerate movement such as scrolling screens

I now seem to have a light headed feeling every day, crackling in my ears, occasional fleeting ear pain and occasional sore throat but not severe. Sorry it has ended up such a long post but I just wondered if I may have Vestibular migraines
Thanks for reading


Hi Joey and welcome. Yes indeed with your history and listed symptoms in your position I too would wonder if it was Vestibular Migraine. You are lucky to have heard of Vestibular Migraine so that you can at least wonder from an educated viewpoint. A rather better position to be in than the ENT you mentioned. Sorry ENTs everywhere but for me you never did cut the mustard. Complete waste of time for me a MAVer everyone I saw. To get a diagnosis you need to track down a neuro-otologist or a neurologist. But indeed to me you certainly sound just like One of Us. Glad you decided to join The Happy Band.

As you have been lurking a while sure you will have already picked up some clues but do plough through the Wiki stuff and search by name for anything symptom, side effect, suggested drug, or indeed anything MAV related in the archive material on here which dates back years and is none the less valid for that fact. There’s tons of stuff there. Bet there’s hardly a word you mention that hasn’t got a string of threads following. Btw be helpful if before you ask specific questions you check out to see if there’s a suitable existing thread you can reuse by adding to. Helps to keep the site tidy. Any help needed, just ask away. Helen


Thanks Helen
It was good to write it all down tbh - I’ve been told by various doctors it is stress but I don’t believe that - when it was initially proposed as MD before I saw the audiologist I went into total meltdown so then it was put down to anxiety. I’ve had an MRI on my brain and neck which was all clear so that’s good. I’ll start looking at old threads for information like you suggest for further information.
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes writing it all up can be very therapeutic and helps you get it straight in your own head. Lots of people start keeping a special VM related diary and there are also apps to monitor progress. IMO Must admit not too keen on those for many people because if too much emphasis is placed on watching for symptoms anxious people can very soon progress towards PPPD… yes you will learn a lot reading around any new subject. Don’t struggle though. Shout out for answers and conversation when you feel the need. We are after all a Support Group and that’s more important than saving work with the housekeeping after all. Helen

Hi Joey. Welcome. As is the mantra around here - we’re sorry you’re here and glad you came. If you haven’t already, get busy reading the wikis. Search all your symptoms. You certainly sound like a MAVerick to me. Get educated and then make that info work for you.

Thanks Flutters - it’s definately a learning curve for sure :grinning:

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It is. With VM, you’ve got time. You’ll get there. We all eventually figure out how to thrive again.


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