Hello! - Newbie Here

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place or not. Please feel free to move this post to the appropriate area, if not - and sorry. :slight_smile:

I found this forum when I was looking on google for information on some symptoms I’ve been suffering from for years, but have changed over the last 10 (esp. the last 5) years. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now, and anxious at the prospect of needing to go to all these Dr.'s visits that have been scheduled for me, and what tests they might run (or not run). I’ve also been through something like this before, 5 years ago, when the ENT chalked my complaints up to my being a singer and being “picky” about things, and noticing/obsessing over things “regular” folks wouldn’t notice… (nice, huh?). Well, in his defense my tests and visual exams came out negative for problems so if I was feeling the beginnings of this current problem, it may not have been noticeable yet… Now, even though I’ve had a Tympanometry check that showed some abnormality with that eardrum/middle ear I’m still worried they won’t find anything wrong, or for some reason they still won’t believe me (kind of paranoid, huh? LOL).

Anyway, I didn’t mean to come on here and ramble - especially on my first post. I’m feeling the need to talk and ask questions, while I read as much as I can here, as I think Migraine-Related Vertigo most closely matches my symptoms. I definitely need to become more educated and familiar about the details and research.

I’m very grateful that I found this board - for me it may be the missing puzzle piece. I’m also glad I found this at the “2nd starting point” for addressing my issues medically because it’s going to give me a lot more “ammunition” and information as I meet with what I like to consider my “team” of doctors. I was especially glad to see info. about Dr. Hain in Chicago as I ran across a website of his with information before coming here - and he’s in my “native” Chicago which I’m not too far away from. It’s nice to know a name - JUST IN CASE I need to find a specialist! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll do some more reading and post when I can. I’m looking forward to meeting and speaking with all of you. It’s nice to find a group of people who understand what you’re going through somewhat! I’ve been suffering from bouts of vertigo for about 18 mos. now, and it’s a scary, unsettling feeling…


I should add that I’ve had chronic neck pains due to a gymnastics injury when I was 8 or 9 y.o., and I’ve also suffered from Migraines since the summer I turned 13 (I’m 39 1/2 now). I’ve got so many little things that have happened that I don’t know where to really start with sharing what’s “wrong” with me… To you all, or to my doctors! LOL Thanks again for taking the time to read my posts. :slight_smile:

Welcome! There are lots of nice people here. I am currently being treated for another condition, but I suspect that I may have MAV as well (oh hell).

Hi and welcome Shelly,

You’re ahead of the game as you already know you’re a migraineur (had them in your teens) so your dizziness could well be migraine related. Check out this thread and see if any of it resonates with you: http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/vestibular-migraine-survival-guide-2014/2244


Thanks for the welcomes, and thanks for the link, Vic. I really appreciate it. I will go and read that thread now. :slight_smile:

I had long thought migraines were neurology-related - so glad to have read a thread Scott had posted about it being proven by research! Imagine my surprise! LOL

I feel really blessed to have found this forum! Thanks again, to both of you. :slight_smile:

~ Shelly

I definitely think I’m in the right place. Everything I read seems to make more and more sense! Thanks again for the link. It all rings a bell for me.

I’m working on writing down notes of all my symptoms over the years and will share it here after I condense it – it’s quite lengthy at this point. LOL I have a feeling I’m going to have a small “case-file” compiled by the time I see my doctors starting next week. :slight_smile:

SO lucky to have stumbled on this site! Thanks all for being here! LOL

Good morning, all! I’m actually waking up in a positive mood today despite the stress. I have a feeling I’m going to want to spam these boards just out of my joy at reading so many things I can relate to! When I feel that urge, I’m just going to come back to this thread as I don’t want to post TOO much! LOL

I’m continuing work this morning on my symptom/history notes for my docs appt.'s coming up and I’m wondering if I should just tack the notes to this thread when I’m done, or if I should start a new thread with my “story”?

Hope everyone else is enjoying the LAST DAY OF 2011! Happy New Year’s to those who are in other parts of the world!

~ Shelly