I stumbled across this site by seeing a post on it at the Dizzy Lounge Message Boards. I’m glad to see that someone has made a forum dedicated to MAV. I was thinking about setting up one myself since I could not find one. Since you have already started one, I wont be needing to make one. Besides, I think its best to have as many resources as possible together in one place. There are tons of sites dedicated to Menieres and most people with other vestibular problems just hang out at those boards since the symptoms are very similar, but this does not help those with MAV as far as information resources go.

I did a search on google for “mvertigo” and did not see a hit for this site. I saw somewhere that you are waiting for the search engines to kick in so you can generate some traffic here. This will defintely help, but you could also keep making posts on other vestibular boards like the one I ran across. This should catch many peoples attention with MAV disorders. Definitely post a message over at Menieres.org. This seems to be the biggest site for vestibular disorders I have found.

BTW, my name is Todd and I have been diagnosed with vestibular migraine. Which I am assuming is the same as MAV. I have been suffering with vertigo spurts and dizziness for 12 years now, and have had chronic 24/7 dizziness with varying degrees of vertigo for the past 4 years. I am currently being treated at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and am going thru the gammot of medicines until I find one that works. I was put on Zoloft 4 years ago when the chronic dizziness started. It helped tremendously until this past summer when I started going downhill again.

Glad to see you are using a PHPBB board for this site. Everyone else uses the vbulletin or invision boards and I dont like them nearly as much. Plus the phpbb forums are much more customizable. I am fairly competent with phpbb board modifications and add-ons. If you need any help with designing logos, graphics, new templates, or anything else just let me know. Since I dont find the need now to start my own MAV board, I would not mind at all helping you build this site up and generating some traffic. The more people we can reach who suffer with this horrible impairment, the more we can learn from each other on how to best fight it.

Look forward to hearing from you and feel free to email me privately if you feel the need to.

Todd S.

G’day from Melbourne. I also have dizziness almost daily, this started about five years ago. Had all the tests (MRI, rotary chair etc etc) which showed up BPPV, which I also have.

I see Dr John Waterstone in Melbourne and currently trying the medications, the latest being Epilim. This seemed to be working but the horrible hormones hit and I slid back to square one.

I don’t have any hearing loss, I do have tinnitus, some ear fullness but nothing major like that describe on the Menieres forums.

I never suffered from motion sickness either.

My dizziness kicks in when I start moving around for the day and settles down again in the evening as I start to wind down.

I’m not sure if it’s MAV but the medications are worth a try! Being dizzy all the time is vile. :x

Hey all

The goal of this site is definitely to provide a place for people to exchange information on what works/what doesn’t work when treating MAV. Of course all other discussion is most welcome. Trying to avoid becoming a support forum though, as there are quite a few around (such as the Dizzy Lounge) and I would really prefer to focus on the positive where possible.

We definitely need to get this site indexed. Google has picked it up (if you do a search for mvertigo you will find the page is there but the content hasn’t been indexed yet). I’m unsure why Google hasn’t indexed the content yet. I also need to modify phpBB slightly to allow Google to index it effectively.