Hi there!

I am hoping that someone could give me some advice on whether you think this may be what I am suffering from.
Having struggled to get my migraine diagnosed for years, I would like to have an idea before I visit the doctor with this complaint.
I suffer from migraine which affects the left-hand side of my body (face, arm, hand). I was eventually given Amitriptyline which has helped me significantly. I take it every night at bedtime and it has significantly cut the ocurranhce of my migraine and has helped with the severity if I do get one.
I have now suffered with something different maybe 7 times or so now. I start to feel very warm and then quite suddenly very light headed/dizzy and feel that I will pass out. I feel sick and sometimes feel like I need the toilet as well. It is the most awful feeling and I genuinely feel like my body’s shutting down and I’m dying when it’s happening! As it has happened quite a few time snow I know that panicking makes it worse and I try to stay as calm as possible and I just need to lye down on the floor. The episodes don’t come with a migraine and seem to be separate. It wasn’t until I started thinking about it that I thought it could be linked. I have had a few of these episodes after i have had drinks the night before- but these are NOT hangovers. Thinking carefully about it I think most of those times I may have had a glass or 2 of red wine (not good with migraine I know!) I have however had the episodes without having drank the night before.
I have not gone to the doctors about this yet as the episodes were so far apart but it happened to me today when I was out shopping and it was so horrendous I need to get it fixed :frowning:

Sorry for the long rant- but I would be so grateful if you could tell me if you think this may be what these episodes are.

Thank-you in advance