Help? Anyone Else? Wierd Feeling When Wake In Night?

This is a weird symptom and probably one I alone have had Probably got a big tumor that wasn’t picked up on the MRI or something but sometimes I will wake up at night and I am wicked out of it, there is pressure on the back on my brain it feels wicked surreal, my heart pounds and I feel like I might just topple over, then it is hard for me to fall back asleep when I get back in bed….probably happened like 4 times in the past year and it happened last night……I had high anxiety before bed cause we upped my nortriptyline to 30mg from 20mg and I was worried about side effects, I don’t think it is med related cause I have been on these meds for 2 years and it has only happened a few times within that span….Just want to know if anyone else had this and that its migraine related. Wicked groggy today from upping the meds but I guess that’s to be expected…

this illness produces a variety of weird and horrible symptoms. I’m sure it’s just another MAV symptoms. Besides that, is the nortriptyline helping yet. I know you are on a very low dose still. My doc said between 30-50 you may start feeling effects. good luck

its only my second day on the 30mg my doctor wasnt aggressive at all with the dosing I started the 10mg in May of 2008 and was on it for 6 months we upped it to 20mg in October of 2008 then it was almost a year till we upped it to 30mg as she wanterd to make sure it was not the reason why my bp was so low, then she went on maternity leave for 5 months and now is finally back so we upped it…surviving so far lol

Sorry you are having this symptom. With MAV, anything is possible. I get all weird stuff in my head all the time.

I am wondering why your doc is going so slow with the titration of your med. Has it helped any of your MAV symptoms and if so, which ones? How low is your blood pressure?


I dont know why she was so slow but she has told me a bunch of times that she is WAY out of her league and I basically tell her what I think tehe next step is and she does it and what tests I need run and stuff…my bp was around 100-110/60-50 but i gained like 20lbs in a year and last i checked it was in the normal range

Has the med helped your MAV symptoms? Sorry you have to be your own doc… Where do you live? Maybe someone on the forum can recommend a doc that is familiar with MAV in your area.

I feel the same way. It is so weird that I can be exhausted all day everyday, but wake up multiple times at night and be restless! I’m even on 50 mg of amitritptyline and can’t sleep the whole night through. When I wake in the middle of the night I have an extremely fast heart beat and pain in the back of my head… it almost feels like someone has hit me! It takes me usually 30 minutes to fall back asleep and unfortunately this vicious cycle repeats itself at least 2-3 times a night. Hope it goes away soon! Good luck with your increased med dose.

Yup, I wake up in the night weirded out of my mind all the time. Sometimes dreams are crazy and make no sense; othertimes I wake with my heart racing and then have trouble sleeping again. Par for the course. Valium is a big help if I can’t fall alseep again.