Help Finding a Doctor in New York/New Jersey

Hi All

I was diagnosed with MAV back in June by Dr. Cherchi. I found this forum shortly after and it was such a relief to know that I was not alone with this strange and awful thing (although I would never wish it on others), but this is my first time posting.

I saw Dr. Cherchi a couple times and while I was thankful to finally have a diagnoses I was not too thrilled with the way I was treated there. But that is neither here nor there. I just moved to New Jersey last week and I was wondering if anyone on this site would be able to recommend a doctor I could see out here for continued care. I would be willing to travel either to Newark or New York City to see the Doctor. I would really be grateful for the help. I feel a bit lost as to how to select a good doctor in a new city.

Also as a side question: Any advice as to how to stay positive when trying medications? How long to try before giving up? I’m feeling really frustrated by lack of results, over 2 months on a super-strict migraine diet, 9 weeks on vitamins, and 2 weeks into meds.

Thank you! I’m so glad this support forum is out there.

Daily problems first started for me in February of 2008 and I have not had a symptom free day since.

Hi Kristi

I am also from New Jersey, actually southern NJ and just recently switch to at doctor in Elizabeth, NJ, a doctor James Cinberg. He has a little office in a not so great part of town but he seems to know his stuff and all his testing as well as his protocols seem to be right in line with Dr Hain. Although I had been dealing with symptoms since 2004 and seeing a doc in NY who recently retired, which led me to find Dr Cinberg and my new and what appears to be so far correct dx of MAV as of this past March. After all the testing, started new life style/diet/vitamins and Topamax in June…and have to say finally operating most days at probably 85%…haven’t wanted to actually post that for fear of jinxing myself… :lol:, but everyone is so individualized with this it’s crazy, some people see results quickly and others like me it took months, some have little to no side effects from meds and others have a really rough time.

I know some folks have some luck with some other doc in NYC as well, so you will probably have a few to chose from.

Best of luck, and welcome to the Garden State