Help Needed!

Hey folks,

Just looking for some advice as to whether anyone thinks my symptoms are maybe related to MAV, or if anyone shares a similar experience to me??

For ages I used to suffer from ‘one off’ episodes of strange dizziness… It was NOT like a spinning feeling… It was more of an odd disorientating dizziness?? It would usually start with a feeling of leathargy and heavy eyes, then I would get this really freaky dizzness (almost like being in a weird dizzy bubble) I would feel very ‘detached’ almost, and found it hard to look at things??and if it was a severe spell, I would even start to panic abit!! It sometimes feels like there’s to much going on visually, and I can’t cope with seeing things around me?

As I said, so hard to describe, but its definately not like a normal ‘dizziness’ feeling.

a few months ago I had a crazy episode on Xmas eve, and I had to lie down for hours…

Now for the past 4 weeks, I’ve been dizzy most of the time… Sometimes intensely, but sometimes I just feel slightly off balance and a bit ‘drunk’ ish? Its almost a constant groggy dizziness now, almost like my head can’t be bothered working.

Any of these symptoms familiar to anyone?

G x

Sorry to hear about these awful symptoms. Yes, mine started very gradually. Brief episodic (seconds to minutes) dizzy spells for the first yr and a half. Sometimes it felt like quick spins, other times it was as you just described. From Jan 2011 until now, symptoms have been more constant. I once managed a 2 month remission, but usually my “remissions” don’t last more than a week or two. Current symptoms: bilateral tinnitus (not simultaneous), ear pressure, head pressures, “tension type” headaches, and constant feelings of being on a boat, train, or a revolving carousel. Few quick spins almost daily. Certain neck positions make this worse, but i do not have BPPV. I’ve collected all kinds of nonsense diagnoses over the yrs so i don’t know what to believe. :oops:
From reading these forums, it seems most MAVers started off with “big bang” moments–here today gone tomorrow kind of thing, but i have read a decent handful whose issues came on gradually like ours. I’m still trying to work out why this is exactly. I’ve also been told migraine symptoms change often, so that could be it.

Thanks for responding…

Yeah, I’ve now got a resonably constant, groggy almost wishy-washy feeling in my vision!

Sometimes its just in the background, but sometimes its so prominant that it wrecks anything I’m doing!!!

Think I’m just freaking out that its something serious!!

I’m at the point I dread getting out of bed, because its just another day of dizzy drunkness…

Do many others get this groggy drunk feeling? I’ve noticed a lot of people say ‘spinning’ I would not call my symptoms spinning???

yes, my stuff was that weird, can’t describe it, kind of dizzy. NOt really spinning, but just like I was high or something. And my vision seems to be the root of it, so I went through all kinds of worries and tests…and tests and tests! I never had any migraine history, or family history of migraine either…
Do you have any history of “typical” migraine or family history?


Yup. Definitely sounds familiar. Same weird eyeish issues here… It’s constantly awful. I hate going to bed at night because I dread getting up in the morning, and the thought of having to try to muddle through another day feeling this way. (Especially on week days when I know I have to somehow go to work and make it through the day…)

Only feel spinny on really bad days (such as the past week, unfortunately).

I never had any spinning sensation when I got dizzy. Always the off balance, off kilter, teetering, wobbly feeling - sometimes it was more severe (then I’d have to grab something or else I felt I’d fall over), sometimes mild. But never spinning. And I’d sometimes get the feeling that my head was still moving in whatever direction it had been moving, even after I’d stopped moving it, whether I’d been moving it up or down or to the side. All of that had a confusing visual aspect to it - it looked like the environment was moving or that I was moving in relation to the environment, even though I knew that not to be true.

Hi Kelley,

Yes, my Dad used to get migraines pretty bad… His were very stereotypical migraines -flashing lights, things missing in vision, sick feeling etc…

When I was younger, I remember having a very similar thing… But it was only really a one off. It was a “classic” migraine if you like… Recently (over the past year) I’ve just been getting random bouts of weird dizziness as described above, like I kinda loose my normal visual perceptions? Its like my head and eyes can’t take in the way everything looks, and I have this odd dizzy madness for an hour or so (its almost like having your first cigarette and it gives you the odd nicotine rush buzz, but just constantly and with more disorientation)

Just recently thought they were getting more frequent, and over the past few weeks have been reasonably constant, with occasional days of normality…

Do you think this is migraine related? Been to doctors and innitially threy said BPPV… Then GP said potentially an inner ear infection, but I’m not sure as I don’t have a traditional “spinning” vertigo… It feels more like a brain malfunction dizziness…

Never get a headache, but sometimes head pressure, but only very mild?

What do you reckon?

G x

“Brain malfunction dizziness” could be another name for MAV - only it’s kind of a bummer!! :lol:

Because it’s a neurological condition that’s being set off by a trigger or triggers, usually unknown to us. And our brain is where the problem lies.

And yes, it sounds very much like you have MAV. Many of us don’t get severe headaches. But a family history of “migraine headaches” or any other type of migraine (some people have a history of “ocular migraine”) is reason to suspect migraine as a likely reason for your dizziness. And head “pressure” is a common description that is used by people who say they don’t get “migraines” but who do have MAV. That’s probably a migraine headache, you just never identified it as such. I used to get what I thought were sinus headaches most of my life, but it turns out they were migraine headaches all along (head congestion can come along with these headaches too, I later found out).