Help please - Visual Vertigo and meds

Hi Everyone,
I have been taking Sandomigran for over 6wks at 0.5mg starting dose. My headaches have improved alot. My visuals are much worse than before the meds. I have tried to go up in dose to 1mg but suffered severe diarrhea and had to come back down.I have not yet found a med that helps my 24/7 visual vertigo, shimmering etc yet.

Any ideas about meds that will help with my visuals? Anyone had good results with a med please let me know?

Should I carry on with this med due to the headache benefits or try something that might help my visuals as well?


Tried several meds. Topamax is the only one that got even close to helping my visual vertigo! Other people may have had success with another med tho. Good to hear Sandomigran has helped with the headaches.

Hi Barb,
Thanks for your reply. I have tried Topamax but had to stop due to the side effects. Do you know what other meds have helped visual vertigo? I’d like to add a med that would be beneficial.