Help, PLEASE~!

Hey all,

I am having a bit of trouble and am getting really depressed. And any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I currently am on Prozac, Depakote and Verapamil. Prozac for depression and the other 2 for the MAV. The good news - no vertigo since 7/7/09. The bad news - I still get sick daily. I am SICK DAILY! WTF! (SORRY if I offened anyone!) I have numbess feeling on the right side of my face, tinnitus, ear strangeness and hearing loss, and general fatigue. I got to work today at 8 AM. Was asleep on my desk by 830 AM and only woke up at 930 AM because my phone rang. I mean, I was OUT! Saturday was the same way. I went to exercise in the morning, came home and slept for 2 hours. then went to a birthday party - was exhausted and not feeling well and really n eeded to get home, then came home and slept for 2 more hours. Then on Sunday. Same thing - Birthday party, started to feel icky, and 2 hour nap. I did exercise both days. THANKFULLY. But I could not enjoy a nice evening with my husband last night because my face and ear were all messed up.

ANY SUGGESTIONS would be welcomed! I have tried just about everything. But am willing to try more.

Candy :frowning:

maybe you need a bump in meds to take care of these residual symptoms. w as your vertigo bad before? nice to hear that the drugs took care of that.

Hi Lisa,
Yes my vertigo was really bad. I had it frequently. Sometimes as often as 3 times a week. Almost went out on disability in March. THANKFULLY I found good doctors and figured out what the problem was. We were thinking Meinere’s disease but it is not that. We are pretty sure after the meds working…Thanks for writing back. I really appreciate it.

I wonder if one or more of the meds are making you feel sick and increasing the fatigue perhaps see if that is one of the side effects…they may have to be adjusted and /or changed if you are feeling that sick using them or one of them. Not to say that there is not something that will work …but I would check with the doctor or pharmacist to see about the side effects.

Hi Candy,
Sorry to hear of your exhaustion. What is your med schedule like? When do you take each med?