Help! Vertigo and panic attacks!

Hello, greetings from Ecuador…

When I was a baby I burst the eardrum , as a child I suffered vertigo and constant migraines. Today I´m 21 years old and I have vertigo and panic attacks, the doctor prescribes me PAXIL but every time when we try to removed the medication I have episodes of vertigo and panic attacks again. The neurologist and Otolaryngologist made me magnetic resonance scanning and tests of vertigo and determined that middle ear is the problem.

I am currently without medication but I have a constant vertigo and panicattacks, I’m thinking to go to United America to seek another opinion… searching the internet I found Dr. Susan J. Herdman and Dr. Ronald Tusa are the best in this field, both works in Emory Dizziness and Balance Center in Atlanta

Someone went to these doctors?
They have healed their illness?
If someone suffers the same problem or someone can advise me where to go I will appreciate it.

Sorry for my English…