Hi everyone,
ahh where to begin…I have posted on here before. I’ve been suffering since January this year. Long story short am on pitzifen (sandomigran) 3 x 500mcg a night and 30g of amitriptolene (endep). I saw a neurologist in Melbourne, Australia, 5 weeks ago but was put on the ami a week prior by gp and pitzifen months earlier. My symptoms are better, less dizzy and neck/shoulder pain almost gone, until I work or undertake anything other than being at home, doing housework but being able to rest. I’m just exhausted most of the time, sleep like a log at night. My question is, should after this amount of time I been feeling remarkably better or should I go back to neurologist? Is 6 weeks long enough on the drugs? Obviously after 8 months my family just don’t understand and are constantly on about me going to see the dr. I’m also suffering now from atypical migraines as well since starting the ami. I’m thinking my trigger is hormone and stress related.
Any thoughts would be so greatly appreciated.
warm regards

Hi jan

Sorry you are unwell.

6 weeks is not long at all. The experts say you should give a drug 3 months at the highest tolerated dose

Have you got the life style changes and diet in place?

6 weeks is really early, especially if it’s your first go at medications. It can take quite awhile to get the right combo of meds at the right dosages, so don’t give up hope! Embrace your improvements, but don’t overdo it. It will take some trial and error to figure out how much your body can handle as you improve.

Thanks for the replies :smiley:

Robert, I tried gluten free, caffeine free, alcohol free and it didn’t make any difference. I eat pretty much all fresh food or cook from scratch avoiding processed foods. I’m not sure what lifestyle changes you mean, but I’m getting exercise whenever I can manage, get good 8-9 hours sleep each night, no partying but do have a few wines on the weekend which actually relax me and change when I do it.

Dizzyforlife i am trying to embrace my improvements. I worked 4 hours yesterday which would usually see me terribly sick for days but am functioning today. Overdoing it I need to work at.

I’ll just keep battling on.