Helpful apps

Hi folks - thought I’d share a few helpful apps I’ve been using to track migraines, weather, food, etc. Everyone collectively has seemed a little down lately so thought I’d share a few tools to make life easier – Migraine Buddy & Migraine Checked by far have become life changers for me.

Migraine Buddy - track frequency of migraine, including aura, symptoms and sleep patterns. Provides great data to provide to neurologists during check-ups. It also tracks barometric pressure and tells you when other people in your city are having migraines (hence the buddy)

Migraine Checked - tells you if packaged food is a migraine trigger or not. Also provides alternative foods. Has pretty thorough list of healthy, off-the-beaten-track foods, too

Audible - audio books & articles! Including those by Scientific American. It’s on the pricy side so I’m most likely transitioning to a New York Public Library membership pretty darned soon

My Chart - hospital messaging system. If you’re a patient of a research hospital, it’s likely that they have myChart - use it to keep in touch with your neurologists, schedule appointments, request Rx refills, etc

Dark Sky - a very fancy weather app that tells you when it’s going to rain. Helpful when having to anticipate plans

Migraine Relief - this is the new deep breathing / meditation app I downloaded. Know nothing about it, so if you use it please share your insight!

Our lives at times feel so controlled by triggers, being overwhelmed by dizziness and pain, and these help me feel a little bit more in control. If you have any helpful apps, please screenshot and share below.

Thanks, Primer! You are so sweet :).

Hope it helps!! And if anyone else has apps to share, please do :unicorn: