Here's a little update!

So I’m on Depakote now - going on week 2!!!

I’ve noticed a HUGE improvement in my symptoms - and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not exactly cured yet, but I feel the brain fog feeling beginning to wear off substantially. My coordination is coming back and I don’t feel my brain is working extremely hard as it was until I started this med. The feeling from this medicine is great and I hope it continues to help me out. I’m only on 250mg and I should be upping my dosage to 500mg once I’m done with finals.

Anyone else have really good results with Depakote?

Just wanted to say YAY!! Glad you are feeling better! Awesome news!

Im so glad Depakote is working for you! I have been on 500 Mg for sometime now and noticed an almost immediate improvement in my symptoms. It really calmed my brain. It wasn’t enough though so I added in verapamil and got even better but I still have my days, mostly to do with hormones. I want to add in an anti depressant but I haven’t done to well on a lot of then, plus I’m trying to lose weight and don’t know if that will make it even harder. Depakote so far has been the heavy hitter for me but I just wish I could be %100 you know? So happy for you!

Great news! I’m hoping you’ll be writing in the Success Stories thread in the near future.

S :slight_smile: