Hi again

Hi everyone
I havent posted on here for some time! I got diagnosed with migraine afflicted vertigo last year and have been a dizzy ever since I also got diagnosed with vestibular neurontis at that time .
Im now seeing a different specialist but i am off all medications and life seems to be getting more back to where it was before I got this. Ive never had a day without symptoms since this started but I fight it everyday and looking back I can say Im much better than I was . I was on amitriptyline and within a week of coming off it I felt better but it did help get the actual migraine pain into a remisson of some sort.
Im having a high resoultion inner ear CT scan soon to check for any deformities in my inner ear. Life as a dizzy is really hard but i think you have to summon some inner stength from somewhere and you will get through it , nothing lasts forever and now i can say i think this will go one day.

Good luck to everyone of this dizzy journey x