Hi Everyone, would like some help!

This is my first post so I would like to introduce myself and get some guidance from everyone here because I am so sick of feeling how I do.

I’m male and 25 years old, about 5 years ago the symptoms started and it’s been the same ever since. I would say the symptoms have always been mild to moderate but never completely stopped me from my day to day activities.

It’s hard to describe but I will try my best,

Everyday is the same, I wake up in the mornings and I’m fine but within an hour it comes on. I get pain/tightness in my lower neck and temples with headaches.
There’s another thing which is impossible to describe correctly but it’s like my vision is blurred, I’ve had an eye test and everything is fine but it’s like a constant slight dizziness.
It’s almost like I’m tipsy (very slightly drunk) all the time.
My short term memory is the worse, Ill forget something I’m told almost instantly while having these headaches/migraines, Sometimes I also find it hard to think of a word, mid sentence ill pause and cant think of the word I need.
Also when it’s bad my cognitive skills are very bad, ill find it hard to do maths or comprehend things that I would normally find easy.
Sometimes Ill have black spots quickly appear in my peripheral vision.

On top of this I really hate being in brightly lit areas, like a supermarket with all its fluorescent lighting, I feel really disorientated. Not to a point where I would fall over but definitely out of the ordinary. But I am fine in the sunlight, it seems to be artificial lights which makes me disorientated.

I also have a slight case of tinnitus, If im talking to someone and not paying attention I dont even notice it, but its there even when I wake up in the morning and dont have any headaches I can still hear slight ringing.

It’s really getting to a point where it’s affecting my life and I’m sick of it.

I hope someone can relate, I’m living currently in the Midlands area of the UK and just looking to fix my quality of life.

Thanks for reading and any help.

Hi and welcome
You have found your way here and if you’re like most of us, you will get more education and support here than anyplace else. Your symptoms sound very familiar to Mav. The list is varied and long with most of us having from one or two symptoms, to having a plethora of symptoms. I recommend seeing a headache specialist, as they are the most familiar with migraine. Also, get the book Heal your Headache, and you will see that migraine is so much more than a headache. May if us have never had what’s considered a "migraine " headache, as to how most people assume it looks like.
Best of luck to getting your quality of life back.

Kelley hit the nail on the head! Welcome and you’ll find a lot of support here.

Hi and welcome,

Your symptoms sure do sound like MAV. There’s some good dizzy doctors in the UK - check out this section of the forum:


Good luck - lots of great information on here.


Vic, sounds very like MAV . Try and get a referral to Dr Surenthiran at the Balance Centre Chatham maritime hospital. If this is difficult go private he does clinic at Blackheath London and the Spires Hospital Chatham. Costs about £250 , if necessary put it on your credit card …it will save you money in the long run.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for the support, I have been to my local doctors and getting a blood test done, depending on the outcome I will be seeing a neurologist or an endocrinologist because of possibly low testosterone levels as well, I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and my symptoms seem more to coincide with cerebrospinal fluid leak. So I’m going to push for the neuro and maybe he will agree. CFL can also cause low Testosterone levels by putting pressure on the pituitary stalk.
Also I dont have migraines so to speak, its pretty much a 24/7 feeling all day every day, not ‘migraine attacks’ every so often, but only relief from pain once I can lie down and relax. Hence I believe CFL is the cause.
If I’m not happy with the treatment I receive I will pay to go private with either Dr Surenthiran or Dr Matharu. I couldn’t believe the NHS waiting list was 18 months but for £300 private I could see Dr Matharu this weekend and I tell you now I wouldn’t think twice about spending the money. Then it was only 150 each session after.

Good luck MG04! Let us know how you go.

Just to clarify - many of us experience our symptoms every waking moment, some 24/7. So that doesn’t rule out migraine - it can be chronic.

I was going to say the same Vic…I have 24/7 for 3 1/2 years now…never had any migraines in my life, no family history. Ironically, in the midst of the mess, I had two visual auras. Scared the blank out of me!! Thought I was havinga stroke. Dr. Hain said he was going to say it might not be migraine, except the auras confirmed the chemistry. I had them 2 months apart, only 2 ever in my life…and none since…strange!! I was under a ton of stress at the time as I thought I was dying …guess it’s worth noting…MAV won’t kill ya!

Hi and welcome MG04,

Looks like everyone has given you great advice. I hope you can find lots here to assist you in feeling well again. :slight_smile:

I think it’s helpful if we all use the term “migraine headache” when referring to headaches that are of migraine origin (which most are frankly). It’s a good start to try and dispell the myth that migraine is not solely a headache but a neurological disturbance of sensory signal processing that affects the body on a global scale. Try that definition at the bowl of punch when you head off to your next party. :lol: