Hi I too am three years in

Hi I too am three years in, having been diagnosed by Dr surenthrian as MAV. I managed a high powered career over the last year as it was p/t and employees put in some helpful restrictions ie only 30 min drives and run of the mill type visits. However this role is finishing soon and all are expected to step up to a higher graded role with a lot more stress. I am 51 and am really not sure I can manage the change. I have found my symptoms have returned over past few weeks and get more dizzy and light flashes. Finding it really hard to retain new information. Feel it’s so hard to explain to family etc as they see me as being ok. Great to hear it’s not just me.


Belated welcome to the site, Claire. I’m sorry to hear your symptoms have returned. I hope the relapse is dying down by now.

Always remember the condition can have a tendency to do that, then things stabilise and improve again. Over the long term people seem to find these diminish and get more rare.

That absolutely must be brain fog, almost all of us have had this and it’s a nightmare. I hope you can find a protocol that brings that back under control.

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