Hi Im back 38 weeks pregnant! Need advice

Hi I had a long holiday from the forum I was only ever a dipper anyway lol

Im 38 weeks pregnant and the joy for me was I had a four month remission from my major symptoms I was 95% most days up until about 34 weeks when it crept back in.
The last two weeks in particular have been pretty bad for me Ive had spinning , imbalance and generally feel terrible again. You truly forget how bad this crap can be until it comes back for the next round.
At the moment I have a constant heavy head and head rush feelings and constant dizziness which is quite pronounced Im also getting the numbness again on my face which I havent had in months.
I went to the doctors and begged him to refer me again but he sees no point now until Ive had the baby. I always felt better driving but not these days it makes me worse Im even going dizzy in the car which is frightening as it used to be my little haven but now it just makes me feel worse so am sticking to small journeys just to take the kids to school and back and the shop etc.
Im very tired which Im sure is contributing to my symptoms but I have to question whats brought this about after being quite stable for a long time? Any ideas?

I keep hoping things will get better when baby is here Im very worried I will be worse and unable to look after him this is my third child. I do take amitriptyline I usually take 20mg but the docs asked me to lower it to 10mg whilst pregnant which I did with no problems until the last few weeks. What should I do now? just hang on? Im very tempted to up the ami but dont want to hurt the baby so close to being born but I feel very unwell. Im usually so good at fighting through the symptoms and only left work last month for mat leave but I am struggling to even fight through it and tend to lie down at any opportunity at the moment as the feelings in my head are very relentless.

Any advice welcome from ladies who have been pregnant with this? what you took and how you felt after the birth?

Thankyou x

Hi Donna, it is you isn’t it from the Labyrinthitis.org board? It’s Jemma here who emailed you a few weeks ago about maybe having MAV. Really sorry to hear you are having a relapse and what awful timing for you just before your baby is born. I can empathise so much with your worry as it really is horrible and like you say you forget just how bad it can be until it whacks you again. I am really bad right now, practically bed bound. I am carefully trying to titrate up on the nortriptyline and praying for improvements. I am so sorry you are suffering again but try hard not to worry too much as with all your hormones going crazy and the fact that you had to lower your meds dose I am sure this is the reason the mav monster has crept up on you again. I would just take it really easy and do as little as possible and rest lots then as soon as the baby is born I would ask to start increasing the dose of ami again if you can.

I don’t know much about mav or pregnancy with mav as it’s new to me and I have pretty much written off the idea of ever having children now I have relapsed so bad but you sound like you had things well under control and you already had kids and a job so you are doing so well. It is definitely understandable why the pregnancy would affect your mav symptoms but I am sure once your hormones settle down and then with an increase in your meds you will be back to doing really well. Stay strong and try to think positive. I know how hard that is when things are going dizzier and dizzier but you have done it before and you can do it again. I will be thinking of you and please let us know how you are doing X

Hi Jem

Yes its me so sorry you arent feeling better you will get there in time and if nori does not work something else will. I have had relapses over the last three years my worst one being Xmas 2010 I think it was very bad but I came through it thats when I started the ami again as I was desperate but it took weeks to work and it was so gradual I didnt notice.
I think this is the longest relapse I have had and with no improvement like usual when I have relapses now Im usually ok within a week or two max but this has been getting worse if anything which is new to me.
Im just hoping post birth it doesnt go mental as hormones are all over the place at that time. Im fine lying down no dizziness really which is weird its sitting up still mainly which is making me really dizzy and Im not to bad walking about if Im busy its stopping thats the problem and then I feel the motion very badly but even walking around tires me out as Im fighting the inner motion feeling if you know what I mean.
It gets me so mad I feel like screaming sometimes :?

Really am crapping myself after reading how much worse people seem to get post birth! Seems Im in for hell in a few short weeks too :frowning:

Can anyone tell me how they felt post-partum and how long it took to settle back down? My husband can only have two weeks off work so I need to be functioning by the time he goes back.

PLEASE any advice welcome here Im scared :?

Hi Blondie,
Congrats on your impending birth!! I will try to make my story short :slight_smile: I have had headaches for a very long time, going back to the sixth grade, but was diagnosed with migraines at age 30. It was two months after the birth of my second son (that was 3 years ago at 37) that my dizziness started. When I finally received a correct dianosis and medication, it took a good 6-8 weeks to get the dizziness and anxiety to settle down. I won’t lie, it was awful–but I didn’t know what was going on, and I had no idea it could be connected to migraines and I also had a 2 year old to care for in addition to my newborn.

You have the benefit of knowing ahead of time your diagnosis and what your treatment options are, so get on a medication straight away. If you plan to breastfeed, there are medications you can take safely while doing so. I took Celexa and that was safe while nursing, and it helped with the dizziness.

If you have other people to help you, take advantage of them. Sleep when you can (and yes, you can sleep when the baby sleeps so it’s not a cliche!) because the lack of sleep after the baby is born is going to be the toughest challenge for your MAV. Let the house cleaning go and take care of you and the baby–let your husband worry about the dishes and laundry. You need to worry about YOU if you have MAV symptoms after the birth.

You will make it, you will–one day at a time! Don’t stress about it now, you will only make yourself feel worse. Go get a massage and try to relax and feel good about this baby coming into your life!! Something to rejoice!

Hi Blondie,
Congrats on the impending arrival of your little one. But I’m sorry you are feeling so lousy. I had my son 8 months ago and this is what happened with me.
I was whacked with MAV nearly four years ago, and luckily when I fell pregnant my symptoms improved considerably. I was never free of them, but much improved. I was taking one 4mg tablet of periactin per night rather than my usual 75mg of prothiaden during the pregnancy, and either that or the hormones helped. In the final trimester, however, I did have quite a few bad days. I wasn’t awful all the time, but the shift in hormones or the difficulty I had sleeping definitely made me feel worse. Once my baby arrived, I was back at my baseline for about three weeks before I started to feel the rocking/faintness/numbness again. I now put that down to the lack of sleep (my baby cried all night for the first 11 weeks), not eating regular meals (low blood sugar is a huge trigger for me) and the stress of having a new baby and learning how to look after him. My biggest fear was that I would pass out while I was alone with the baby, as my husband works long hours in hospitality. Lucky for me I had my mum to call on for company. I never did pass out, and the fear and worry were worse than the reality. I got back onto my regular medication (I wasn’t breastfeeding) and I’m back to my baseline (and hopefully improving as I added in Topomax to the Prothiaden a few months ago).
So my recommendations are to sleep as much as you can, eat regularly, stay well hydrated, accept any offers of help and get back to your regular dose of your medication when you can.
I wish you good luck. You will improve!

thankyou ladies.

Helen I have heard people generally feel better in the first few weeks and then it gets worse again maybe menstrual hormones kicking in at that point? Im very worried obviously but trying to reel it in because worrying will not help me and I guess I will cope somehow because you’ve got no choice have you.

I hate this illness it takes so much away like the joy of a new baby and everything really. I did read this morning online that progesterone and cortisol hit their peak in the last trimester so Im clinging onto hope thats what is causing me horrid symptoms.

Im proud of myself today though Ive been sofabound really for a week just doing little bits then lying down and couldnt even wash my hair but today I got in the shower and ironed my kids uniform and took them to school which I have not done since last week I dont know if I feel much better than I did yesterday but Im glad I achieved something today x

I had my 1st child when I was 28; I’ve been suffering form migraines since 3rd grade and MAV since I was 20. I was actually told not to get pregnant because of my MAV. My pregnancy went well, and my symptoms were pretty much baseline until about 3 weeks before my due date. I was in such a bad state that they actually induced me to relieve my physical stress. Once I had my son things cleared up and I stayed pretty much symptom free until after my daughter was born (about 2.5 years later.) Once it came back it came back with a vengeance, but it didn’t come back until my daughter was about 6 months old. My son was a great sleeper and sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old. My daughter didn’t sleep until she was 3.5 years old. I think the difference between the time after my son and my daughter is that I was more physically worn out. During my long stretch of being “better” I think the symptoms went away for so long because I was no longer working outside the home and I was better able to control my life.

Best of luck to you and your bundle of joy.


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Any advice welcome from ladies who have been pregnant with this? what you took and how you felt after the birth?

Thankyou x

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I’m not a lady but can I just hijack this thread to say congratulations?

Of course thankyou :smiley:

Thankyou Molly for giving me your experience really appreciated x