Hi I'm new here

Hi everyone
I am new here and was hoping you may be able to give me some info on whether I have MAV or not. For 20 years I have put up with
severe vertigo, and was dismissed by gp.
When I have these attacks they last between 7-10 days. I have a headache, tops of my cheek bone and temples hurt, very very tired like I need to sleep it al l off and my teeth feel a little numb.
Please can anyone tell me if this is MAV. I also have dizziness when I get up first thing or during the night, and turning over in bed, this was dx as BPPV, so I appear to have two types of dizziness,
Many Thanks in advance for any info. :?

Have you had all the vestibular testing done to rule out other problems? Your symptoms do sound like MAV to me, MAV presents very differently in each person but yours sounds like a pretty classic case in my opinion. I’m very sorry you’ve suffered for so long! It’s a terrible illness isn’t it? However, there is hope. Tons of people have gotten much better by finding the right medication and following the Migraine Lifestyle. There’s lots of info on this site about both.
I wish you the best!

Hi Elishat27
Many thanks for your reply. The only tests I have had done are a hearing test a MRI scan and exercises with the physio, no other tests have been offered at all, should I ask for any other tests
thanks again. :slight_smile:

HI Lazza
Do you have any history of migraine in the sense of the headache? Family history of Migraine?
You should see a neurologist with a specialty in migraine to get a true diagnosis. Most GP’s aren’t really well versed in MAV. This site is great and there are a lot of references from doctors who specialize in it, and recommendations for diet, books to read etc…you landed in a good spot here…cruise around the site and you will get a wealth of info.
Best to you…

Sound exactly like MAV to be honest. The accompanying headache, the teeth feeling numb, the recurrent attacks over such a long period of time.

If I’m honest with such a long history I’m not sure how necessary the tests would be, although the right specialist could make that call. It looks like a clear cut case to me.

GP’s are often totally out of their depth when it comes to dizziness/vertigo and a lot have never heard of MAV. You need to see a neurologist who is well versed in this field or a neuro otologist - specialists in dizziness. ENTs sometimes know about MAV but not always. Many people get dismissed by ENTS and GPs.

If you tell people where abouts in the world you are they can probably recommend a specialist near you who is up on this area.


Hi thanks for info, just to mention that I doaven’t have any family history of migrains or vertigo, and I have already seen a neurotologist, had MRI scans and have not come to a conclusion, so I am back with the ENT doing exercises that work in the short term, but not in the long term.

Many thanks