Hi, new here


Signed up because after 30+ years of headaches diagnosed as migraines summer last year, I had a massive one 4 weeks back, first with dizziness as a symptom (also had first with actual vomitting recently, rather than just feeling sick), followed by 4 weeks of migraines, dizziness, various weird symptoms, some still lurking. Thanks to the pandemic the treatment consisted of switching from amitriptyline to Topiramate and some prochlorperazine, no examination, no blood tests.

None of which made much difference. I suspect this is all secondary to my long standing (also 30+ year thyroid problem), not least the last remaining bit of thyroid ballooned up in my neck the day the migraine struck, and again since with another bad migraine with dizziness.

As a result the last 4 weeks have been a wasteland of feeling ill, tired, dizzy, and pretty much nothing happened including work. Headaches are easing last two were Thursday morning and Sunday morning, both responded to Sumatriptan (not been working very often recently), and other than a little numbness in hands and feet (and a sore forehead the spot right at the top middle - normally my forehead is totally numb when migraines are happening), I’ve been much better.

I feel like whatever the cause was passed Thursday, as I feel so much better, but have no idea what it was. Seem to have lost 4 weeks of my life to unexplained swelling of thyroid. That bit of thyroid was due to be cut out this month before covid-19.

Just found the “don’t lie down” pro-tip, but what do you do when dizzy? I find walking okay, looking at mobile phone okay, but computer screens or televisions make me feel really bad. Most of the time I slept because I was shattered anyway.

Also is “cervical dizziness” common. I find if I rotate my head or stretch a stiff neck I can trigger way too much dizziness, even did it rubbing a stiff neck the other day. It is intermittent but unpleasant. That is more what I think of as vertigo where as the computer screen is more a feeling it is pulling off to the side a bit, not a spinning sensation.

Recent new symptoms include loss of ability to focus after a migraine (literally start one task & find I’d be doing another with no recollection of switching), loss of ability to speak coherently after a migraine, struggle to find right words, also really weird one if I shower I get wrinkly fingers really readily, and when I straighten my wrinkly fingers there is a tingling in my finger tips (weird). Otherwise mostly lost of sensory nerve sensation forehead, hands & feet, which I had before for 18 months triggering bunch of neurology tests as family history includes a bunch of other autoimmune issues including MS, after many tests they found nothing beyond confirmation that I did indeed have loss of sensation.

Whilst I feel on the mend tell me anything I should know in case it is temporary, or happens again.

Strangely headache has featured less and less, and whilst I still get them after 30 years I’m mostly inured to the pain it is the weird & novel symptoms that worry most.

Hi and welcome. Obviously something has changed in your make up to move your migraine on a step. Very unfortunate that but by no means uncommon. Seems to me as if your attacks are moving towards Basiliar type migraines. Stick with the meds. They can take long time to prove effective and tend not to be ever gain total control anyway. Once you have the sensitivity it seems to stay with you.

Use the site Search facility and check out the Wiki sections. Check out Basiliar migraines for the change in symptoms, Visual Vertigo for the computer screen sensitivity stuff, for your cervical dizziness check out increased symptoms on head movement which is commonplace incidentally with MAV and also use Search for information, again common place with vestibular conditions generally and MAV in particular, for stiff neck. This site has much information on all these points you raise which will provide the insight you require into the seemingly weird symptoms you are suddenly encountering.

When it comes to what one can do when dizzy, assuming you mean to pass the time? I would say anything that does not exacerbate symptoms. sometimes that can prove near impossible I appreciate.