Hi there!

I am so sorry the hear that sad news. That must be so difficult for you {{HUGS}}

Hey guys – I think Hank has his hands full over at the MM forum these days and he’s consumed by the one thread so not bothering others. There’s about 5 people that have been hammering him with some reality. It’s a long, slow, painful process … and probably fruitless but at least he no longer claims NUCCA cures MM. Apparently he used to say that, or inferred that it did. I think most people are realising he’s not the Mr Know-it-all he was projecting about health, disease and treatment. He runs amok like a court jester.

Scott :slight_smile:

Yes Scott, he does. Honestly I never thought you’d make it this far…this is the farthest anyone in the history of the board has ever made it with him.

And indeed you are doing a community service keeping him off the other areas of the board, particularly the Spiritual Section. When no one challenges him over the NUCCA he does the exact same thing of the spiritual board with this foundational christianity and people who do not share his opinion drop like flies.

And I am still wondering…any type of enlightenment is deeply appreciated.

When does he work?
What is his wife doing while he is spending endless hours on the computer?
If he harms anyone as he is frantically typing while driving do you think
NUCCA can fix them?
If/when real NUCCA chiro’s read his rantings are they pleased or mortified?
Why does Ray allow this when others have been banned for less? (my guess is large donations)

I’m certain Henry wont mind this discussion. He perpetuated a long discussion about Nassman long after he was banned and unable to defend himself. As a Christian Henry should be well aware that what goes around, comes around.

Is it too bold a step to think that if my body has an innate intelligence to heal itself my Bullshit meter has an innate connection to truth, balance and reason vs rantings of someone who loves being right, has an uncontrolable need to have the last word and is addicted to arguing?

Hi In8connection,

Crank can’t view this board, only the MAV board so you don’t have to worry about the madman dropping by and ruining everyone’s day here as well.

I have wondered too how he is able to work and yet still find the time to leave his verbal diahorrea all over that forum. I just don’t get it. In all seriousness I think he has psychiatric problems – a narcissist peppered with some other madness.

Now I’m wondering if Perses is Nass. It’s like a soap opera. :smiley:

Maybe the soul purpose of that thread can now be to keep Crank off the other threads while he tries to maintain his perceived dominance.

Must have made a donation – agree.



That is exactly why you, or anyone can write pages and pages of accurate, sane, rational and reasonable information and nothing will change. This hasn’t been about NUCCA for years, this is about Henry Sullivan, driven by his narcissistic personality disorder & cognitive distortions.
If, as he states repeatedly, his intentions & motives were simply to make people aware of NUCCA as an option for MM that was totally and completely accomplished many years ago X 1,000,000,000,000,000,. and then some.

You don’t need an advanced degree in Psychology to know that this NUCCA soap oprea is just one of many vehicles in which his personality expresses itself.

And I would be delighted if it were Nassman. I hope he hits up every computer in Toronto in order to have his fair say.

Since that thread is likely to disappear at any time I would hope you can save it on your hard drive to cross reference here so people have some opportunity to put NUCCA into perspective and understand the insanity behind the NUCCA posts on MM.org

Yes, it would be good to somehow copy that thread and edit out the fluff and leave the main posts. It’s now the biggest thread on that board with some 765 replies. Unreal.

Same here, I hope Nassman is back. It does sound like him. S :slight_smile:

Yes Scott,
AND over 5,000 VIEWS so far , alot of people are interested but few are willing to respond & take on the grief of dealing with sullivan! :roll:

This is typical of MM. org

I can’t blame them really. When you’re feeling like sh*t just trying to survive a day with dizziness, the last thing anyone wants is to deal with a psychiatric case as well. And he’s a massive nutter. lol Hope you’re having a good day … beddy bye time in Syd. Chat soon … Scott :slight_smile:

I must admit every time I see my title on this thread I think “Hi there, my name is Dug! SQUIRREL!”

Yes In8 losing my husband was heartbreaking. I’m waiting to hear back from the lawyer to see if they’ll take the case against the nursing home. The nursing home neglected him and let his sugar drop to 9 which stopped his heart.
He was 34, me 27.

It was just insane. I was visiting friends in Iowa so I was 600 miles from home. I trusted those people to take care of him.


DS-you have my deepest sympathies. that is a tragedy in any situation but for both of you to be so young makes it even worse. and compound that with it’s a probable case of neglect! i am so sorry.

as for the mm.org drama…
i really hope perses is nassman too. :smiley:

i am so sick of listening to crank go on and on. i’m in way too much personal crap at the moment to bother taking him on anymore. but i just have to point a couple things out. i was reading through his “cause and success” thread. did you know he didn’t even know what ENT stood for? he had to ask! how in the hell do you have meniere’s, supposedly go see an ENT and get diagnosed, and not know that??

also, if you have meniere’s and have discussed all the options with your “ENT,” then how do you not know the difference between an endlolymphatic sac decompression and a vestibular nerve section? that’s like meniere’s 101. i learned that from my first visit! even then basic biology should be fairly clear on the differences.

i don’t think he has meniere’s. don’t think he ever did. he’s like some misguided, delusional, chiropractic troll.

I’ve only peeked in a few times over there since… But I just don’t have the inclination to listen/read Hank’s inane rambling. I was actually going to suggest it to my room mate (the NUCCA) but the more research I did into it, the more I was like “uuuuuuuuuuuuum ooooook?”

So yeah, we MIGHT got get an adjustment at a Chiropractor. But it’s not going to be the cockamamie NUCCA crap.

Ugh. He just irritates the shit out of me.


He was 34, me 27.

I’m so sorry to hear this. I missed this in your previous post for some reason. How are you doing at the moment? I guess recovery from something like this takes a very long time. I hope you have plenty of family support around you.

As for Crank, just the fact that he went for a NUTTA adjustment and was well again (his version of the story) suggests to me that 1) he NEVER has or had MM or that 2) by some luck of the Gods he went into remission or 3) he just recovered from labyrinthitis, VN or cervical vertigo. Hell, maybe it was BPPV. He has no clue about other causes of dizziness … maybe it was a short-lived episode of MAV or he never had anyhting and he’s just a NUCCA freak promoting it to drum up cash. Number one has to be correct because let’s face it, the sort of adjustment they do at the atlas doesn’t move anything according to two different chiros I’ve either listened to or read from. The 8th cranial cannot be impinged upon and even if a nerve was the cause, a nerve pinch causes pain or some sort or stand out symptom – not MM. I have nerves that are irritated in my neck right now and it’s causing PAIN.


I’m doing ok. It was a year ago the 14th of May.

I almost lost my wedding dress in a fire at my best friend’s house in March, she’s been my best friend for like 13 years and had it in a closet at her house. They lost EVERYTHING but my dress was OK, sooty and now permanently yellow in some places… But it’s intact.

The most important thing is that her and her family are safe.

It’s been hard. I won’t lie. Some days the ONLY things that have kept me going is the fact that 1) He made me PROMISE to LIVE and 2) my 18-year-old brother killed himself 6 years ago on July 27th… Right before Steven and I got married on August 13th of that year.

And i couldn’t do that to my parents and rest of the family again.

And I teared up writing this of course.

The stress hasn’t helped my Meniere’sof course