New here.
I’ve totally freaked out this evening. I was ironing a white shirt with blue check and the corners of the squares were flashing blue lights at me.
Set off anxiety. Has anyone experienced the flashes?
I suffer aura migraines and dizziness l/light headedness (undergoing tests). This is a new symptom for me and really scared me.
Please someone say I’m normal!

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You are normal. For ‘us’. That’ll do, will it?

I’ve never had flashes off a blue check shirt but I’ve had them off an orange striped tablecloth and even more so off a raindrop on a window pane.

Migrainey type brains and patterns just do not agree. Ask @Naejohn. She complains to her boss about his loud shirts quite regularly.

Try not to get scared about every fresh-to-you symptom otherwise you could spend eternity poised for flight. Just check each one out using the forum’s Search facility. I’ll be surprised if you find a completely new one but please feel free to post about it if you do.

Btw please can you edit your title to make it a bit longer. Well it couldn’t be much shorted could it. Reason I ask is it’s probably too short to be picked up on a Search.


Thankyou for replying.

Argh! Sorry, the site was playing up on my phone and I didn’t even realise it typed something. I couldn’t see the box at the time.
Will do my best to edit.

My symptoms have always been regular so something so different really stood out and quite a scary one.
Just come off my antidepressants and so I’m probably going through alittle withdrawal so everything is heightened

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Hi Jems,
Welcome to the group!

So sorry your having scary symptoms. These new ones that creep in when we least expect them are indeed off putting.

Good memory Helen…Yes, I have lodged complaints at my boss for years about his shirts!
Stripes, checks, circles, geometrics… whatever the pattern, if I am looking at him talking; the pattern will start to shimmy, shake, shimmer or wiggle.

Heaven forbid when he is in his office chair with the window and horizontal blinds behind him at the same time! 😵‍💫

Jems, We are here for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcome. I am sorry to hear of your struggles. I sometimes have a pity party and think how rough I have it, then I hear of someone else worse off. You have come to the right place. The people here are a wealth of knowledge and if your dealing with something, chances are someone hear has already dealt with it and can give advice.

Good luck, and God bless.

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Welcome. Patterns hurt my eyes too. I’m also new to this condition and freak out all the time about new symptoms and if they are related to VM or something else more sinister. I’m slowly training myself to just acknowledge and accept them to reduce anxiety. Best wishes.

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Welcome. I had flashing lights, but only knew when I walked into a dark room. Flashing lights were intense.

I think it’s normal for migraines. Hope you’re feeling better

Oh yeah I get that all the time