Hi! I am hoping i have a nice supportive board;) This year I was diagnosed by an ENT as having BPPV. I did Epley treatment which made it better but I am still crazy off balance. My docyor says it could actually be migraine related now. Im confused and I feel nothing but anxiety most of the time. Any advice or support is welcomed! Thanks for reading.

Hi Hask,
Your situations sounds all too familiar. Mine started as BPPV as well and morphed into MAV. This has happened to several of us and my Neuro said she’ heard a lot of other patients that had a bad episode of BPPV that turned into MAV. The BPPV may have actually been MAV. Do you get headaches? How long have you had symptoms? Do you rock or spin or just feel dysequalibrium?
It actually took me about 3 months and a series of ENT’s and Neuro’s to get a diagnoses. I’ve had vertigo since May of this year.

Has your Dr. suggested any preventive meds? Have you read about MAV lifestyle?

There are a lot of nice people on the forum that understand and are going though the same thing.
My sympathies to you, and hopefully you can get well soon!

Hey, Hask, as Elisha said, your story is pretty familiar. And yes, your situation could be BPPV morphing into MAV, or BPPV plus MAV, or MAV mistaken for BPPV. Any which way, it can be pretty crazy-making. And the diagnosis is less important than finding ways to control the sucker. Elisha is spot-on in suggesting that you look at the lifestyle changes that work for others on the board. Drugs, too, but at least for me finding useful lifestyle changes lets me feel more in control.


Thanks! Where do i get the info about lifestyle? I could definitely use some of those suggestions. Im breastfeeding right now so my doc basically said to come back when im done!
Migrainea have been a huge problem for over a decade now! They used to be pain but over the past years i have been getting the aura.
I had a major attack of vertigo during pregnancy and then again after my son was born which didnt get any better until the maneuver they taught me. I dont get spinning anymore but i do feel off balance, have major trouble wlking in the dark, and just feel off. Sometimes my vision jumps a bit, other times i feel like my head is full. I dont know if that makes any sense. I sure all of it is magnified since i am sleep deprived!
Thanks again for the replies! I love to hear it!

Hi Hask,

Check out this thread: http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/vestibular-migraine-survival-guide-2014/2244


Hi Hask,
Your symptoms sound a lot like mine, as I didn’t start having problems until after my 2nd son was born. I started getting the migraine headaches immediately and then the BPPV and then MAV.
I am just curious, did you have a spinal with your baby?

Yes i did! And i cant tell you how many times i have considered that! How about you?

I sure did. I have never been the same since that spinal. I don’t want to confuse you and this could be rare but if you’ll read my posts about CSF and Duke University you will see that I am going to have a lumbar puncture to see if my CSF fluid is normal. If the spinal caused a leak than the CSF pressure could be low. I’m not saying this is what you have, bc I don’t even know if it’s what I have but I’ll be certain to let you know after my appt. on 1/4/12.

Is there anything that can be done if your test is abnormal? What types of symptoims do you have? The strange thing is my first ocular migraine came right after I had my daughter in 2004. I mean, like right after she arrived in the delivery room.
Then this time the vertigo started right after. I hate it! It has severly disrupted my life.

Hi Hask,
I really don’t want to confuse you especially since you’ve first been diagnosed but here is the info on CSF.



This site has such a wealth of info. Don’t know where to start…