I am new to the board. I have a problem with vertigo. It has been told to me by a couple doctors its probably been migraine equivalent. But then I have also been told I have lost ear function for balance. Then told it was probably viral or autoimmune. I diffinately have migraine with aura. They seem to be less now than a couple years ago. If this is a community for those with Mav and nothing else feel free to let me know. I will stick with reading post to check out if someone post some new information I might use. Linda

Hi Linda

When doctors say ‘migraine equivalent’ it means the same thing as what we’re suffering from - often called migrainous vertigo, migraine-associated vertigo, migraine related vertigo, migraine equivalent, acephalgic migraine, benign recurrent vertigo and a myriad of other terms.

Have you lost any hearing Linda? If you have not lost any hearing, it is likely your vertigo is caused by migraine. There are a number of medications that can help you tremendously.

I take a medication called Pizotifen (available here in Australia, the UK , Canda and other countries but I don’t think in the US). This prevents room spinning attacks of vertigo very effectively for me.

Please see some of the articles/sites on the front page of this site for further information on medications that might help you.


Thanks Adam, I will look at the articles. Lindy