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High blood pressure

So I’ve had a bad relapse and am trying to figure out what may have caused it. And the only thing I can come up with is: lying around for a few days watching Netflix (when it was 2 degrees outside (that’s Fahrenheit!) and possibly my blood pressure going up from weight gain. I do tend to gain quickly and always get high blood pressure as soon as I go over a certain point.

Anyone have issues with BP and vertigo? It certain seems to make sense given the relationship btwn BP and stress and vertigo and stress.



During my relapse last spring, my BP went through the roof. So bad that my Neuro wanted to send me to the ER. We added in verapamil to try, but it gave me constant headaches so I stopped it. Bp eventually stabilized without additional meds. Never found out why it went up. Neuro said maybe stress reaction, but I think it was the migraine activity itself. Migraine itself can raise bp, or so I’ve read.

Wow migraines can raise BP ?!

Pain and anxiety can raise blood pressure- they are pretty common with migraine. My Neuro and my mom’s Neuro both have said migraine can raise bp, as well as the ER dr, the one time I had to go to the ER for migraine aura.

I’d say you’ve scored a hole in one there. I’ve proved it myself very recently by coincidence. My BP was always low. At forty a GP told me I had the BP of a ‘young girl’. Had no cause to be checking it thereafter for years and at a routine Well Women years later after MAV started I was surprised to be told it was high side of normal pushing towards high. It seemed to soar with chronic MAV surprising because I’m on Propranolol which should lower it a bit anyway. Some of this might be a result of enforced much reduced activity. Apart from a quite lengthy relapse in January of this year my MAV has seemed to have settled to be the best it’s ever been since chronic over the last month or so. Just out of interest I took it only yesterday and it’s dropped back alot. Imagine it’s all linked, as you say the vertigo and uncertainity of recovery, the stress/anxiety and the BP. Not surprising really when you think ‘white coat syndrome’ maybe. Helen

The mind really can do the strangest things. Yesterday the doctor took my BP. She took it about six times within 15 minutes. I’m dead to BP Monitors it seems. They keep recording ‘EEE’ once they are wrapped around my arm. We have one at home I long since gave up trying to use. I can never get it to work in me. Him Indoors hardly ever has trouble with it and yes it’s been calibrated at the doctors surgery so often it must be dizzy with all the going to and fro. The reading was high. I knew it would be. It is always much higher when I’m symptomatic. But yesterday, I guess I have notice it before, I could feel my body tensing as it was pumping up. I was not agitated but obviously some where underneath something was going on. I guess really I don’t like having my BP taken in doctors surgeries. I couldn’t seem to do anything to stop it. Helen