High BP- meds with MAV

Hello All,

My doctor has decided it is time to control my BP with meds. In the past Lisinopril caused angioedema and severe itching and Metropolol caused insomia. Does anyone take something that doesn’t make the MAV symptoms worse and has a low side effect profile?


Hi Sally,
Verapamil is an anti-hypertensive that has a low side effect profile. It is also supposed to help MAV symptoms. I am on it and it has only marginally made a difference in my MAV symptoms without any side effects. You could also try a diuretic such as hydrochlorothiazide which can lower bp and patients tolerate this VERY well. I would also doubt that it would worsen MAV symptoms.

Good Luck… Lisa

Yes, I’d definitiely suggest verapamil here. It does wonders for some people’s MAV, while primarily being used for heart problems including high blood pressure. :slight_smile:

Same here. I am currently on 360mg of the ER or SR. My doc says that verapamil “quiets the storm of Migraine”. I have had no side effects, I do just make sure that I am drinking plenty of water and have enough fiber :mrgreen:

Keep us posted!!


Thank you. Has anyone tried Coreg? I will discuss the verapamil with my doctor.


Doc decided to try Coreg. I took 3.15mg. last night; violent dreams, little sleep. Took 3.15 this morning and can’t keep the tears at bay. Can it be related to the meds??? Don’t whether to take a dose tonight or to just stop.