High Carb Help?

Hi there! Wondering if anyone else has noticed that high carb diet makes you feel better? So many integrative doctors have recommend low carb, no carb diets to help me, but I swear I have found that I feel my best when I’m eating carbs. And by carbs I mean…sugar, bread, etc. That being said, I do have to stay away from my triggers which I’ve found over time and trials. And yes, I’ve been paleo, atkins, and done the elimination diet in case you’re wondering. I just seem to feel best on a normal diet that includes carbs and sugar. Keeps serotonin higher maybe? Just curious if any of you experience the same or what diets keep you feeling best. :slight_smile:

Margaret - I can’t offer you any technical advice, except that if it seems right for your body, - I’d stick with it! My personal view is that everything in moderation (personal triggers excepted, of course!) is the best diet for overall good health. I think most problems occur when ones diet is too high in ANYTHING! My personal opinion only!!

Couldn’t agree more! :slight_smile: