Holiday nearly cured

Ok I went on holiday for 10 days. I wasn’t sticking to the diet, I was going to bed late and I was drinking. On holiday I was near enough cured I was 95% most days as soon as I landed and got home I dropped back to 75% and now I reckon I dropped down to 50%. It’s probably the worst I have been in 6 months.
None of this makes sense.

Miss Moss reported a similar thing on holiday. Maybe it’s because you are in a different environment and away from triggers such as computers, work, daily stress etc…

Where did you go? somewhere hot? x

Do you think it is because on holiday you aren’t driving or using the computer or watching tv as much and more is done for you ie meals being cooked and not having to clean up. I think when you get home the brain has relaxed and decompensated and has to relearn all the every day visually/balance challenging tasks we do normally.

Hi Jem / Becks

Went to Turkey yeah the weather was lovely

I just don’t get it. I am worse than I was before I went away. I just can’t work out how on holiday i was drinking, eating what I wanted and going to bed at 1 am and 2 am then I get home and then BANG mav hell!!

Yeah maybe i was away from environmental triggers like computers, tv’s and florescent lights etc.

I also find if I drink alcohol and have lots of late nights it does eventually catch up with me but may take a week or so and there is nothing like a day in an airport, a plane flight and car journey to trigger a v bad patch :frowning:

Hi all,

Becks I agree with you, even if your lucky enough to sail through your holiday with minimal dizzys and manage to enjoy yourself I find it can take up to 2 weeks to catch up with you, then when it does hit it can be hideous. I am suffering at the moment too, I had quite a stressful time before I went away then we had a super full on holiday with very little rest, jet lag & then to top it off I got the norovirus! Lucky me :slight_smile: x

Yes agree that all the travel and extra physical activity and new situations can all catch up with you later. It’s like the brain somehow forces itself to block out the dizziness maybe extra adrenaline or something and then it just gives out when you return to a normal environment x

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Ok I went on holiday for 10 days. I wasn’t sticking to the diet, I was going to bed late and I was drinking. On holiday I was near enough cured I was 95% most days as soon as I landed and got home I dropped back to 75% and now I reckon I dropped down to 50%. It’s probably the worst I have been in 6 months.
None of this makes sense.

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Makes perfect sense to me. Stress is a major trigger and a holiday in glorious Turkey away from the pressure of daily life is largely stress-free. Neither of my neurologists have ever recommended any of the diet/lifestyle changes talked about on mvertigo. When I’ve asked specifically about diet both said the evidence is weak. What they both DID say is that stress is a contributing factor.

Much of the time we don’t even realise we are stressed.

Many of us on mvertigo feel better on holiday. The connection is pretty clear to me.

Just happened to me, yet again! Week in Ibiza, day of flying home, woke up to that awful dizziness where you cant bend your head over at all as its nearly full blown vertigo. The flight back was late in the day and the dizziness would not go even though I was forced to relax all day doing nothing. Was dreading anyone even talking to me as I was fighting to stand upright. Got on the plane to the pilot saying there was turbulence landing in the UK thinking that’s me finished. Luckily the landing wasn’t bad, 2 hour car ride home feeling quite sick, got into bed, head back on the pillow and full blown vertigo attack, my body held out just till I got home :frowning:

In Spain a few years ago I got a massive vertigo attack following a bad migraine where I had been out in the heat all day and popping painkillers to get though the day.
That one lasted 24 hrs and wore off just enough for me to fly home (I remember packing the suitcase and not being able to bend my head over).

On two other occasions I got bad migraine midweek on holiday normally caused by the heat and walking too much.

I spend hours putting together the holidays myself so that the plane journeys are midday or evening, the resort is a short driving distance from the airport, the accommodation is quiet, places to eat are easy to walk to, the beach is on the doorstep and the bus stop or taxi place is a not far to walk to etc. and still I get hit, nearly every holiday with worsening symptoms. That bit rang so true for me Victoria, “most the time we don’t even realize we are stressed”. That figures so much in my life a lot of the time.

I think if you weigh up the amount of stress in going abroad on a holiday (the preparation before you go, the travelling, being in strange accommodation, sleeping at night in a strange place, different food, finding your way around etc.) against the relaxation part, for me, the stress outweighs the relaxation.

Still worth it though :smiley:


Thanks all

yeah maybe but i don’t feel stressed at home. Normally when i have a beer my mav flares up straight away i just can’t work out why everything flared up a week later

I have had this every time I have been away for more than a few days. I feel really well even if I drink, go sightseeing all day etc and then I feel terrible whenI get home, even before I’ve finished unpacking the suitcases. It made me wonder if my house was the problem and had the boiler checked etc. I don’t really think it can all be down to less stress and fewer triggers on holiday. I think there is definitely a psychological element though.


Did the flare up of symptoms start after you had gone back to work??

I find I’m cured, until I go back to work. The office environment is shit, a few days in and I crash big stylee.

I wasn’t cured while I was in Florida this time round, I was probably about 85%, which was good enough, but upon returning, I got hit with every single trigger ever known to man, and I have never ever been so ill. I know that going back to work was no doubt the worst, after such a long time off.

So good to know you can be cured though right? I do think there is a huge element of percieved stress in this condition. You don’t realise how much being away from home actually changes your stress you didn’t know was there.

Well I am not great in airports so as soon as i landed my MAV started and it just got worse when i got back to work. Every day is a struggle at the moment. I went from 95% to the worse I have been in a matter of two days.

I think the modern environments that we work and live in contribute massively to this illness. Sorry to hear you are back in hell currently mate, hopefully doesn’t last long!

Does your daily existance involve staring into flat-screens all day? Did your holiday involve NOT looking at those same flat-screens?

Flat-screen monitors that use Pulse width modulation (PWM) to control backlight brightness essentially are causing the backlight to rapidly flicker. You can’t see it, but it is happening. It is far and away my worst migraine trigger. Well, extreme anger is my worst migraine trigger. It is far and away my worst environmental trigger.

Staring into thses flatscreens that use PWM is a guaranteed migraine for me. So when I go on vacation (holiday) I don’t stare into screens and I magically get better. When I come back from holiday and start looking into the screens again I get sick again.

You CAN get screens that don’t use PWM. It takes work but you can find them. I’ve been finding and eliminating all of them from my life and it has made a huge difference. The only screen left in our house that uses the technology is my wife’s laptop and I try to never use it.

I know this isn’t the reason everyone gets migraines, but it is definitely the main reason I get them. And I know I can’t be THAT unique.