Holidays difficult?

Sorry to be negative on a happy holiday, but are the holidays as hard on you as me…I feel so captive in rooms with relatives that I love, but I just can’t sit and chit chat about nothing, the anxiety levels are sky high.

You are not alone! It was my first Christmas with this and it was difficult to get through.


I had a terrible day too… Love the holidays but the added stress (even though it’s happy "stuff) ramps everything up… To top it off, I’m on a new med, Topamax and I’m not so sure it’s agreeing with me. I also think we become overtired with everything and it all makes it worse… Try to find some alone time if you can and just relax… It does help!!

Sorry to hear that the holiday was hard for all of you. It was my first Christmas dealing with this as well and it was not easy. One of the hardest things for me was everyone offering me chocolate and alcohol and foods I need to stay away from. When you say no they don’t listen and don’t understand how much it will affect you if you decide to take them up on their offer. I’ve had a migraine for the past three days. Then I just feel like everyone looks at me like I’m exaggerating my condition. It hurts because I used to really enjoy chocolate and drinking and it just makes me more angry that all of this is happening to me. I feel left out.

At least my self control\pain tolerance is at an all time high! Trying to just stay positive is a hard thing but there is a light at the end of this. It’s one of life’s tests to overcome this and it will make us stronger people because of it. Everything good or bad happens for a reason. That’s what I tell myself anyway. Let’s hope 2012 is a great year for all of us.

yup…its been really hard for me as well…my hubby gave me lots of chocolate for x-mas. Is he daft??? he knows it makes me dizzy!! i feel like nobody understands how i REALLY am feeling. i had to turn down visits from family members b/c i just cant deal with it all.
Im so ready for this yr to be over!~~


I know it may be a little rude, but taking my I-pad with me at get togethers helps keep my mind busy and helps with the anxiety…actually using it to read this site helps!

ammaretto- i love your picture! i have a black kitty named salem, hence my screen name.

i’m glad i made it but the wrapping was probably the toughest part! i have young children so had a lot of gifts to wrap and the looking up and down with the 24/7 rockiness was a little awful to get through, almost like wrapping presents on a boat in a horrible storm was how it felt- but i was proud of myself with the finished result!

anxiety was fine since we didn’t travel but i have been so tired and fatigued…

This was the hardest Christmas I’ve ever had and I feel awful saying “I’m glad it’s over”. Like so many other of you it’s just too tough and stressful with this horrific disorder. I never felt like I could get my thoughts together.

Hey jaybird,

We were at my parents opening hundreds of gifts (yes hundreds) and I was sitting on the floor with my kids with presents everywhere and out of nowhere the room started moving a little and I had to get right up and pretend I had to go to the bathroom. Everyone had a cocktail except me. Not fun The holidays used to be so much fun for me. I put lights all over the house, baked, cooked, now I can barely wrap presents. How is your Verapamil treating you? MIne is going well actually with just a little breakthrough dizziness. It’s tough to do but keep your head up

Leslie :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest leslie, I was doing a little better with dizziness after 2-3 weeks on the verap, but then right before christmas(bad timing) i tried adding BuSpar for the anxiety and I have been very dizzy and extra anxiety(if that is possible) so just today the doc said decrease the Buspar amount for a few days, we will see.
The lack of cocktails was a bummer, I understand the 'bathroom break", I took our dog to the parties so i had an excuse to go outside about every 30 minutes…this sucks, it’s sooo not me to be a part of the party!
Take care.


I am so feeling your pain right now. I hope we make it out of this hell! We sound like the same type of person. Life of the party, very social and now the total opposite. I am very dizzy right now too. It makes me want to scream and cry at the same time.

Yep, that WAS me, it is so discouraging to even try to go to social events, its all i can do to even speak to people, let alone laugh a little and actually have fun.It is so hard to explain to people when you look just fine, but it feels like people should be able to see the pain in your eyes and recognize how bad you feel. I actuall had to stop the BUSpar two days ago the dizziness(actual dizziness) and anxiety attacks were so bad…48 hours later and I am just starting to settle down, work is a bitch to just get through right now. I have convinced myself to see the doc next week and ask for Celexa while I continue verapamil…thats all for now, the bullsxxt continues.


I’m flying on Thursday and terrified because just the anticipation of the flight (HATE flying) is making me dizzy. The Verapamil was going well for me and now I’m having major breakthrough dizziness. Floor is moving, you name it. I was so excited to see family and all my old friends (who party hard by the way and I can’t) and I pray I will be able to just enjoy a drink or 2 with them. They don’t know that I’m a total mess. I look like a picture of health yet I’m miserable and dying inside. I just want to be normal and have a good time! Why did this have to happen to me of all people. I’m not cut out to deal with this shit! I just keep trying to tell myself “We’re not alone, we’re not alone, we’re not alone!” I’ve considered an anti depressant but I’m very against them. I tried Lexapro once years ago after I got married (before MAV) because of anxiety and couldn’t get past the first pill. It was god awful so I swore I’d never try another. Then last week I got botox for the first time thinking it might help my dizziness. WRONG! I think having a paralyzed forhead is making me worse. Damnit I can’t win! But at least my forehead looks better! LOL! Hang in there and let me know how the Celexa goes. I’ve also heard of Effexor being prescribed mainly for MAV? Keep me posted I’d love to hear your progress. Email me