Hoping to find any help

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with MM then told I didn’t have it, then BPPV then told I didn’t have it, then migraines then told I didn’t have it, and so on. I had ENT/Neurologists who would only spend at the most 5 to 10 minutes with me, they were more interested in money than patients. I recently had a relapse, so I was hoping if I list a few symptoms someone could help, thanks.

  • Vertigo spells lasting only a few seconds, 10-20 seconds, coming out of nowhere. Dizziness in non-stop.
  • Pressure and fullness in my ears like I have a cold, they popped once but returned minutes later. Super sensitive hearing, tinnitus,
  • Have a lot of pressure behind my eyes, I can literally see my heart beating in my eyes.
  • Feel like someone is constantly choking me with weak hands. Feel out of breath all the time.
  • Sensitive to motion. I have trouble reading and writing because of it.

Before this setback, I was dizzy but not 24/7 and had no other symptoms I listed. I could go out of the house, to the movies, watch t.v., play videos games, etc. I had a life. Now I’ve given into hopelessness and am desperately hoping to find my way out.

As you probably figured out already … by reading some of the other posts … your symptoms sound a lot like MAV. I saw a neurotologist a couple times but when he realized he wasn’t able to help me, he sent me to a neurologist who dealt with MAV patients. You might want to check around for a neurologist who specializes in migraine. Sometimes they’re hard to find because docs don’t always want to admit they don’t know everything there is to know about some ailments. I wouldn’t waste time with ENTs for this. Mine was like yours - more interested in making money. He diagnosed me with Meniere’s after a ~10 minute very basic exam & had me on a diuretic (which obviously didn’t help my problem).

Have you tried any life style changes diet, regular sleep (same time every night and wake up same time) we seem to do better with a routine or at least I do.

Try reading the book Heal YouR Headache and get some insight into triggers and what might help to reduce those and you may see improvements as some of us here have after following the advice in the book and continue your search for a doctor you feel comfortable with as that is important on this journey.

I am still trying to find a Neor I feel like I can trust and feel like they are listiening to me and what my issues are …not just another number that walked in the door.

Don’t give up …there is help out there there are many here to support you and answer questions as you go through this, you are not alone.