Hormone Help

Hi all,

Thank you again for responding with all of your advice and comments. It is greatly appreciated.

I’m going to to try and keep this brief. I have noticed that either the beginning or end of my period seems to make my symtoms worse. This has not always happened. For a few months on Ami my symtoms leveled out and I didn’t have as much of a problem around my period. However, last week was pretty hard and my period was also ending. I have talked to my doctor who said I could look into birth control. However, I have my reservations about that because I feel it could cause more caos if I try to come off of it.

I have been hearing about a saliva hormone test? I am super interested in this because if there is something going on with my hormones I want to tackle it. My question is, how has anyone balanced their hormones to regulate the fluctuating of symtoms? And also where can I access this test? I may look into a doctor who works with hormones.

Thank you and hope all is well!

I can’t offer much help but am in exactly the same situation. My dizziness was cured while pregnant and breastfeeding last year and is back again now that I’ve stopped breastfeeding. I’m still under the care of neurology but am hoping theyll refer me to a hormone specialist soon

Yes I think that will definitely help! I am going to start looking for one as well that can run some tests. I will let you know!