Hormone Related?

Anyone out there notice their MAV gears up and is at it’s worse during second half of menstrual cycle? I generally start to feel off around day 15 and stay that way until period is over. Then I have about a week 1/2 of feeling pretty great. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this? I’m about to be 40 in a month, so there seems to definitely be a hormonal connection for me.

Mine is definitely hormone related, although I’m yet to find a way to manage it as going on the pill didn’t work. Have you mentioned it to your doctor?

I’ve always suspected my vertigo is triggered by hormones. Generally, at the start of my period.

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Mine is for sure getting way worse during my period. 2 weeks ‘up’ and 2 weeks ‘down’. The last down was the most horrible one: spent a full week in bed without being able to handle any light, sound or movement. So for sure it gets way worse during my period. Anxious for my next one :-(.

I feel the same. It’s always a dread when I know my period is coming! How old are you? I’ve read that it gets better after menopause but for some of us that is still a long way away.

I am 33…so yeah I think it’s still a long way. What about you? Did any of you try to attack the hormone side of this? With pills, patches, creams, or whatever?

Yes. I’m tried birth control pills…constant use…no week breaks for period…but it gave me headaches and weight gain. I’m currently using progesterone cream from day 14 - end of cycle which seems to be helping quite a bit.

I turn 40 in a month, but I started my period at 11 so wonder if menopause will come early. Secretly, I hope for this!!! I too feel like it will get better after menopause for some reason. This is going to sound random, but I had multiple ovarian cysts removed 2 months before my issues started. It was like a switch was turned on and has never been turned off since. I swear I wonder if somehow my hormones were effected by the surgery. I’m sure that’s a long shot, but after dealing with this for almost 11 years, I’m always trying to figure out how I got here.

Question–do you have PCOS? I wonder if there could be a connection. I have PCOS. Just like you, I have tried looking back and seeing what might have triggered this for me. Before this, I was having very irregular periods. I lost 100 pounds and my periods returned to normal. All my symptoms started around this same time.

I do not have PCOS as far as I am aware. My rocking started after a big blood loss, shock situation and anesthesia.

I am also thinking about going back on birth control. But maybe I first have to wait and see if the Effexor is going to do its job.

Hello, I am definitely worse mid-cycle so I think that’s when I ovulate. Hormones have a lot to answer for!

Hey there! I’ve never been diagnosed with PCOS, but never been tested. I had multiple ovarian cysts removed about 11 years ago and have one they’re monitoring now. Right after my first surgery 11 yrs ago I had 2 children, but tried for years for a third with no luck. I’m also very sensitive to low blood sugar. No clue about any relation there either. I definitely think hormones are at the center of the problem though, and it’s very interesting that one of you mentioned your symptoms starting after anesthesia. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, my symptoms started about 2 months after ovarian cyst surgery. All very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing! So nice to compare & know I’m not out here fighting this weird condition by myself! :slight_smile:

For 47 years I had a severe headache 3 days before my period. This was before every period. Other than that day, I rarely had headaches and they went away with one Tylenol or Advil. I never had the other MAV symptoms. And then. . . . 6 months after my final period, I had my first full blown episode of vertigo, nausea, vomiting and ending up in the ER with A-Fib due to dehydration. So for me, it seems to be definitely hormone related. I follow the main elements of the diet and try to reduce triggers. I do not get headaches but I do get all the other symptoms if I am not careful. When needed, I have gone on Nortriptyline for 3 months. I am currently off the drug but it is a comfort to know that it works if I need it. I have severely reduced hearing in my right ear and tinnitus which fluctuates. Mostly, I am in control and the only daily irritation is ear fullness in my right ear. All my issues are on the right side only. I know that I will never be carefree but mostly I am in control. Histamine is an aggravator for me as well as exercise. I had a few short warnings about age 42 (probably when hormones were starting to change) but a low histamine diet recommended by my then ENT solved the problem at that point. If you want, you can read more about this at my blog. Good luck to you. (vertigotalesandtastes.blogspot.com)

Its interesting that your symptoms came on after menopause. Maybe its not just one hormone but possibly shifts one way or another in any of them. I’m glad the low histamine diet is working for you!