Hormones, UPDATE (guys beware :)

So I went to my OBGYN today and he thinks based on my symptoms of irregular bleeding and night sweats that I am not ovulating. He’s testing my thyroid again and checking on a hormone call prolactive, along with some other things. He thinks there may be a problem there.
Oh BOY!! Something else to add to the mix!!! He does not think it’s the root cause of my MAV but he said it does seem like it would be a major trigger. Which of course we all know! I’m actually hoping something comes back wrong so there’s an explanation. Certainly I’m not perimenapausal at 32! It just seems like all this has to be linked. Has anyone else my age had problems with not ovulating?

Hey there,
are you or have you been on any birth control pills/hormones? That is strange…I wonder how they can tell you’re not ovulating? I have heard of ladies in their 30’s getting early signs of menopause…I’m curious to see what ends up happenng. The only other thing is ladies who are very, very thin…ballerinas and athletes…where the body doesn’t have enough fat and that messes up your period.

Prolactin can be elevated in times of stress; glad you saw the doc and had bloodwork done because that’s the first step in figuring out what’s going on, and thyroid is certainly a possibility.

Didn’t recall your saying anything before about irregular bleeding - like once or twice between periods? Or many days between periods on a couple of occasions? That may be no big deal, but if you’re having irregular periods for a long time, then it’s worth asking for an ultrasound (as I had suggested to Tina on that other thread).

Hope you get some answers soon!

Yes, I didn’t ovulate and it was discovered I have PCOS. I take Metformin for this and continue even though I have had a hysterectomy because I kept my ovaries. It helped with the pepperoni pizza face pimples, some weight gain, and made it easier to figure out just when I “might” get a period.

Hey you’ll,
I didn’t say anything about the bleeding bc I do get a period, I just have abnormal bleeding for about a week before my real period. Sometimes it’s a week before, sometimes a week and a half. I’ve had this problem before so I wasn’t too concerned although my Dr. is concerned about it now. I should have my test results back Mon. or Tues which is good so I can take them with me to my Neuro I see next week.
My OBGYN thinks I’m just super stressed and over tired and that’s the cause. I don’t know…

And I’m not super thin or an athlete, 5’5 about 135 with no other gyno issues in the past other than “breakthrough” bleeding here and there. And no, I am not on the pill.

elishat27- I have PCOS (I’m 26, I’ve had it since I was a teen) and don’t ovulate at all on my own. My MAV actually started after I went on the birth control pill a few years ago (part of the reason I went on it was so I’d at least get regular periods…without the pill I’d get it maybe twice a year). I felt better when I got off the pill to start fertility treatments, and also when I was pregnant last year. Right now I’m nursing my 8 month old and feel ok, but not great. I also have had thyroid problems. So long story short, yes, I absolutely do think MAV can be related to these hormonal issues.

teddypan - I am thinking of going on Metformin once I’m done nursing…so you like being on it? Has it affected your MAV at all (in either a good or bad way)?

I’ve had a lot of friends mention PCOS. I need to research this further. It can’t be a coincidence that this hormone stuff started around the same exact time as the MAV, around 6 months ago.

Cassada–I have been taking the Metformin for many years now and I am happy with it. I didn’t notice any negative side effects. I take 850mg bid. My MAV stuff didn’t start until this April so it isn’t a product of the Metformin. I have always had the migraines though, and they were always worse right before my period. I’d try it once you are done breast feeding. It may help you feel better. It made me pretty regular. I wasn’t going to take the birth control pills due to my panic. Those did a number on me in college.

Thank you teddypan, good to know, especially since I just found out that my doctor wants to start me on it now.