Horrible Day

I had a horrendous day today! Everything is moving and rocking bobbing and swaying… you name it it’s doing it.

Monday -Thursday were tollerable… At least I made is through my school week with only one fall down a few stairs, but days like today make me wonder if I can do this. I knew the minute I got out of bed it was going to be a bad day. Maybe it is the week catching up with me? Who knows.

The odd thing is that I usually feel better when I lay down, but not the case today. I went to have accupuncture done after school (I have gone seven times and in my case I think about six to many, as I have seen zero results). I was okay for the first 15 minutes or so laying down. After that I had a total vertigo attack which I have not had in months (since this disease first reared its ugly head). The entire room started spinning. I felt like I was going to fly right off the table. I’m exhausted, but at the same time I’m now afraid to go to bed. I do NOT want to experience that sensation any time soon :evil:

To top it off I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. I hope I can get myself through it!!!



I am so sorry you have had a bad day today. What is it about this week…is it the season change of what it seems like a bunch of us have had a really rough time this week.

Bless your heart…are you on medications? Sorry I cannot keep everyone straight…

Could you take something like valium to knock it down a few notches…

I know all about the not wanting to lay down from when it first hit me I would sleep sitting up no way I could lay down sat in the chair until L literally fell asleep sitting up.

Not sure if I would push the wedding tomorrow your body may need a day to recover but that is me…I do not get out much at all. This has been a horrible week for me too…worse one in a long while…

I hope this calms for you soon…we are all here to listen if nothing else!


Dear Sarah,

So sorry you’re having such a miserable time. The rocking and swaying sounds dreadful but my hat goes off to you for WORKING while this is happening and now a wedding tomorrow. Can you take some valium to take the edge off of this? It works for me or at least takes the edge off somewhat. I am also having a hell of a time this week. Today I hit rock bottom and started to become totally dysfunctional by late afternoon … just not able to do things because my brain is so trashed. This hasn’t happened in years to this extent. I just sat in a chair like a vegetable and stared into space. I had the swaying and drunken dysequilibrium all day and can barely pull a smile.

Good luck tomorrow and hope you can start climbing out of the hole. I’ve got a pile of family arriving tomorrow all in party mode. Everyone will be talking there heads off at me and trying to poor a beer down my throat. No chance.

Scott :?

Sarah, I used to always feel better when I lay down too. Not anymore. I actually hate bedtime now as it’s no longer the welcome escape it used to be from the trials of the day because something has changed - no idea what - and lying down flat, or even semi propped up, is now a dreaded challenge.

Hopefully your horrible day was just a one off reaction to a heavier than usual week with term starting again etc. And I think we’ve all had those times when we genuinely feel “I can’t do this anymore” but more often than not somehow we get through. Pushing ourselves too hard though can be counter productive so we have to weigh up just how much we should do that. But then if we miss out on things we feel miserable too, so it’s something of a balancing act. Good luck if you manage to get to the wedding. I hope if you do that you are able to enjoy yourself and replace the memory of your horrible day with a really lovely one. Take care …


Thank you all for your support. I’m glad I am not the only one with changing symptoms. As for the wedding today, I will for sure be taking ativan before it to help calm this down. At this I don’t feel as bad this morning as yesterday. Still not at baseline, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

Next month will be the scary wedding… my best friend is getting married and I’m the maid of honor!


HI Sarah,

Good luck today! I had my brother’s wedding two weeks ago and was coming off a few very bad days and it all worked out. I ended up taking two ativan that day (I usually only take one and then only a few times a week). I actually had fun but I did pay the price for the next several days after the wedding. I had no alcohol but the late night, loud music, and stress caught up with me. Have fun and try to do whatever you can to minimize the aftermath.



Glad to hear you are a bit better today. lots of luck at today’s wedding. I also was a matron of honor when very ill. I felt horrible throughout, but time goes by quickly and somehow I did it. I just sat down the whole entire time, and they made sure someone walked with me down the aisle.