Horrible fatigue

do you guys ever go through phases of horrible fatigue either due to medicine or the MaV itself. I think mine is medicine but also the allergies. I feel totally wiped out. i can barely get out of bed and when i do i feel like i’m gonna pass out. i always get this way this time of year.

any of you going through this? Im so frustrated right now i hate Spring and it seems like there is nothing to look forward to right now except more of the same or worse for a while. i’ve been like this for 30 years in Spring.

anyway just feeling frustrated.


Yes, I get days of overall drowsiness after a stronger dizzy spell. I also have days of general blah where I have absolutely no motivation, and can’t hold two thoughts together.

i don’t mind drowsiness but today was just horrible fatigue where i feel like i’m gonna pass out i hate it. nausea is the worst. hopefully the rest of you are having good day today :slight_smile:



See my post, virusy head. Just a thought, have you started on the progesterone? Progesterone can have side effects of sleepiness, hard to get out of bed.


I’ll check out your post Christine. Thanks. progesterone is only every other month for 12 days i think i might have felt better when i was on it. not sure. all i know is my allergies have always wiped me out and OMG i feel like i’m gonna fall on my face. don’t know how im gonna get through this day. i’m gonna have to telecommute this week that’s for sure.

i hate this. i’m so tired of being sick.


Chris, have you had tests for your allergies? What are the symptoms of your allergies? Are they different from the MAV?


yes have had severe allergies my whole life - been on and off shots - allergic to everything that’s how this dizziness thing started was with seasonal allergies - not positive i have Mav but if i do this is the number 1 trigger. it’s awful

i’m sooooo dizzy today it’s so hard to look at computer at work. can’t wait to go home and go to bed i hate when i get like this


Chris, have you tried stemetil? I use it on days when I am very dizzy (not true spinning vertigo, it doesnt work on that). The stemetil is about the only thing that will have an effect on my dizziness. It could help get you through the day at work.


no sure haven’t - i’m not familiar but will look it up. i use valium - prob only thing keeping me upright these days


I too have found stemetil v helpful - it was the only med i was taking for 3 months and made life bearable until the metoprolol kicked in

Hi gang

I was prescribed Prochlorperazine (Buccal same as Stemetil) but was told this was specifically for nausia relating to migraine. I have the the 3mg ones that are meant to be dissolved between the gum and upper lip twice a day.

Now I dont have the nausia anymore as the giner root Ive been taking daily has seen to that so I havent been taking the Proch. Have you guys found that it specifically helps with the dizzy feeling?

I dont have a headache at all (and if I do it’s very mild) but I have the constant swaying/rocking/motion feeling which is literally ruining my life as I cant function. I’m desperate to go back to work but the rocking and dizzy feeling gets out of control and I cant concentrate.

I have started on Nortriptyline but have only had 4 nights of 5mg and 3 nights of 10mgs. Can the Proch be taken with Nort?

I’m so desperate to find something to help with this feeling.

I can get out and about during the day and drive but sitting down at my desk just kick starts it all and becomes overwhelming. Then I get freaked out that a mini spin is on its way to hit me next. I’ve been like this for almost 4 months and havent been able to carry on working even when I’ve tried so hard to push through.

Please let me know more about the Prochlorperazine/Bucca/Stemetil and how it’s helped and with what exactly.

Many thanks.

Desperately sad, Muppo x


I have been using the stemetil for 20 years and they are really good. I can honestly say, they are the only thing I have ever taken that takes away the dizziness nearly every time and I have tried over 20 preventatives.

I have taken them with everything with no problem, you just get sleepy a few hours after taking them. Just lately I asked my GP for some prothiaden or some amitryptiline and she said you cant take stemetil with them or it can cause arrythmus (spelling!)
I thought that odd as I had used them with everything before so I rang 2 pharmacists at random out of the phone book and both said it was fine to take with amy and proth then they looked it up and said it does say something about arrythmus but they both had plenty of people who were on both, so you might need to check it out but personally I would take the odd one when I needed it anyway (and I get heart palpitations at night often) but I would still take it, as it works so well. I dont overdo it as I believe they can cause parkinsons disease if taken long term every day.

I am one of those people who reacts to every medication (thats why I couldnt get on with many of the preventatives) but I can take stemetil no problem. I take the 5 mg tablets. I have taken the bucca (supposed to work quicker dissolve in the mouth) but I didnt find them so effective.

It helps specifically with the dizziness and nausea sometimes it can give you a mild headache later on in the day but well worth it.

Good luck with it Muppo.


Isnt’ the stemetil similar to an SSRI??? i need to do more research. I don’t get nausea usually i just have off and on dizziness caused by allergies. not sure it would work. I hate taking anything that messes with the brain - yeah i know i’m a wimp!!! :slight_smile:


oh now i see what it is. Actually i’ve taken antivert and i do take zyrtec - looks like they are all names for it here in US - interesting so basically i take zyrtec every night but still sick :frowning:

I had horrible fatigue as an after-effect of migraines, beginning around 5 years ago. The fatigue lasted for many weeks.

A neurologist in Hong Kong prescribed Lyrica 75mg, which has been totally effective for me. I take it only for the weeks after a bad migraine, although I am now considering whether to take it continuously.


Hi Chris and all, yes nearly every day.
I used Stemetil very early in my transition to daily Mav.
I believe my Doc may have thought I had meniers disease.

Yes It does work for the rocking/motion for me! Fortunately after years of daily rocking I have become accustomed to it, “believe it or not”
As I no longer feel the falling thru the floor or perpetually falling backward sensation, I felt for many years .
Except for the occasional bruising after bad judgment in depth perception, I don’t fall.

I would say go for the stemetil! providing it wont clash with other meds.
Chris , isnt there nasal sprays for this type of allergy? Nasal pollips can also cause dizziness, or so I’ve read.
Sorry if that sounds stupid.
good luck with it honey, I know how crappy it is. xx
Also , if you have a problem with heart rate (palputaions or fast heart beat) many of the antidepressants can trigger it.

jen :smiley:

I hate this freakin’ illness. I felt pretty good yesterday thank goodness but today i feel absolutely awful again. I get maybe one good day once a week thats’ about it - this is historically worst time of year. I’m super dizzy today and head has tons of pressure it’s scary. luckily i am able to work at home today. i don’t dare go anywhere. my fatigue is awful too.

i take nasal steroid sprays - seems like nothing has ever worked for me.

I guess i’ve had to learn to live with it but it’s not easy especially today!!!

i just wish i was retired about now and could just lay down and watch tv :slight_smile:

i have to support myself so gotta keep pushing. I just got promoted so now i have more responsibility - good for good days but not when i’m sick!!!