Horse pills up for grabs

The neurotologist who diagnosed me with Meniere’s sold me his favorite remedy, “T-Bio,” out of his office at Washington Hospital Center. Didn’t charge me much more than I would have paid buying them direct. I couldn’t stand using them, because I am urushiol-sensitive (e.g. poison ivy) and T-Bio contains gingko. Besides, I was subsequently rediagnosed with MAV, and found treatment that works a whole lot better than anything he tried or had me try.

If anyone in the U.S. wants the 50-odd I had left when he gave me the okay to stop taking them, I’ll mail you the bottle. Might be of benefit for Migraine, might be of benefit for Meniere’s. Might not. Besides gingko, they have vitamin C, niacin, dimenhydrinate, bioflavanoids, and ginger. Cap is gelatin.

I assume they’ve expired?

Most likely, since the original post is dated July, 2010! (You can tell the year if it has the apostrophe, like this: Jul '10. If it just says Jul 10, then it means the day, July 10, of the past year.)