Hot Flushes

Anyone get hot flushes?

Mine are getting worse. My face neck, shoulders and top of my chest got really hot

I don’t get these. Are you female? These can be linked to the menopause which can make MAV worse?

Are you on any meds?

hi Jem
I am male. I am on Pregablin and Notrip

Oh sorry, not menopause then :smiley:

Maybe robertgreen can help you. I think he has had this symptom and is on the same meds x

I’m on nort & pregabolin don’t get any flushes though can I ask if you have ever increased your pregabolin and did it ever make you feel sick?

no but when i have a MAV attack it makes me feel sick. You sure its not the migraine making you feel sick?

what dose are you on

I have just gone up to 150mg three times a day

Was on 150mg three times a day just going up to 200mg three times a day I think your right I never had it before but since I started getting some symptoms again I get nausea getting new symptom after over 2 years I give up :frowning: