How can we help each other with Fatigue? A brainstorm list!

I have read 20 posts on fatigue and there are much more. There was only one it seems that deals with how to combat our fatigue and it’s old.

How can we do it? From reading the posts and frame personal experience, here’s what I got. Please, please add more and ask your medical team and anyone as I’m still struggling with it (and motivation/energy for work).

  1. Energy vitamins such as B2 (400mg) and magnesium (600mg).

  2. Going to bed and waking up at same time. I avoided this forever but it helps. Also figuring out your exact sleep cycle. For 10-14 days, you go to bed when tired and wake when not and then average it out. Or most people need 8hrs, some 7 or 9.

  3. Find ways to reduce the stress/intensity of your migraine. Figure out your triggers and try anti-glare glasses and anti-glare screens and prisms. Also a larger monitor helps so you can make your text larger such as increasing your screen resolution. My visual therapist also recommended each one of these dividers on my laptop screen and I found the yellow one helps:

  4. Figure out if your posture and breathing are poor. “Upright Go” is a technology that helps with proper posture and is on Amazon. Biofeedback and yoga can help with diaphragmatic breathing from the belly which can lessen hyperventilation which is exhausting.

  5. Find things that give you a boost. Healthy snacks/pick-me-up songs/jumping/skipping/a little dance with yourself/force a smile/funny videos/pets/laughing/plants/a window/relaxing christmas lights/seeing nature or just having green, red, yellow or orange colors around.

  6. Anything else???

I would definitely add exercise, long walks and hiking on uneven terrain. You can start slow and work your way up.


absolutely … from a pretty early stage of this condition I started walking my local inner-city canals for hours … this helped tonnes in so many ways …

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How about The Oxygen Therapy - hyperbaric chambers. 100% oxygen helps recovery and might help to get more energy and less brain fog.

I guess the challenge there is that brain fog can catch you randomly and the spell might well be over by the time you get to your appointment?

btw I understand Hyperbaric chambers are used as a treatment for Menieres in some countries but that’s more related to trying to reduce ear pressure.

I think the oxygen chambers can have a positive long-term effect. As for the boost of energy, I take a caffeine-free prework out - I’m in bodybuilding. It’s called Genesis Pre. Its about 40$ on Amzon.


As a naturopath, I can suggest the following herbs & supplements:

  • CoQ10 for the fatigue, I find sublingual has better effect
  • ginkgo biloba (increases cerebral circulation among other things, can reduce & in some cases resolve tinnitus)
  • Siberian ginseng
  • activated B vitamins
  • sublingual B12
  • removing allergens/intolerance/food triggers from the diet.
  • adrenal repair (I’m finding that the history for myself and the clients with this condition, we all had adrenal depletion/fatigue).

On a side note, I have also noticed that both myself and my clients with this condition all have the MTHFR mutation. I found this an interesting observation that I’m researching more. Fatigue is one of the hallmarks of MTHFR.

Thanks! How many mg of the things you mentioned? I’m on nortriptyline, an antidepressant, and read one should not take ginseng while on an antidepressant, although I don’t see any drug interactions when I search ginseng and nortriptyline.

What dosage do you recommend? I got some sublingual b12 from the store (5,000mcg pills was their max) as that’s easier than going to doctor’s for a shot though I’m open to it. I don’t have a depleted level of b12 I’m just trying to find something to help with the fatigue.

I’ve also been tested for allergens/intolerance and at one point they said it’s best I avoid gluten as I seem to be intolerant and I did for years with no benefit and I now find eating some gluten for breakfast helps get me up a little. I’m also on Buchholz’s migraine diet