How Did Your MAV start?

It’s been almost a year since mine hit and I’m doing some reflecting. My dizziness seemed to start gradually until I had a full blown attack where the dizziness and ear ringing was daily to the point where I had to go on disability. After about a month depression seemed to set in (doctor thinks it’s depression, I still have a hard time admitting that it was) along with chronic daily migraine. She thinks also that it was stress that caused the problems. While I wasn’t under considerable stress at the time, I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress for the past 5 years - it sort of came part of me. Now I’m wondering if maybe I had some sort of mental breakdown. My body said okay, that’s enough, I’ve had it. My neuro figures it’s all hormonal (perimenopause).

I have always considered myself to be a strong person and would rather admit that it’s all hormonal as opposed to having a mental breakdown. When I read up on mental breakdowns it says that they are like having a heart attack, comes on all of a sudden as opposed to gradually. My dizziness etc. came on gradually.

I dont know what to think. Did your MAV start gradually or slowly over time? Do you know what might have caused it?

Hi Tamsha,
Your experience seems very similar to mine. I have been having dizziness, room spinning, headaches, nausea and actual sickness for the last 2 weeks. It started during the night while i was on holiday. When I got home I ended up at hospital because was so ill. The doctors took my blood pressure, blood tests and eye examination and they seem to think its labyrinthitis? They sent me home with Stemetil and told me to go back to doctors if it continued.I have had an ‘episode’ every day since then, it starts with slight pain in my temple and then dizziness, can’t focus, turns into bad headache and I have to lay down and take paracetamol and then after an hour it goes off? Before, I went on holiday I was under a lot of stress, really thought I couldn’t cope, we had to have our dog put to sleep, decision I had to make, and it knocked me for 6! Plus I am self employed and am under lot of stress anyway. I was to put it mildly at the end of my tether. Like you, I think my body just decided enough was enough and all the headaches started. I had a couple of attacks of it over the last 3 months, but was never actually sick like i was on holiday. I can really relate to your situation. Am glad to see am not alone in this, but hope you are soon feeling better.
Let me know how you get on.

mine started slow, headaches generally feeling off, keep felliing i was goinging to faint everytime i put my head down. then i woke up one morning feeling like i was spinning very fast whilst lying in bed opened my eyes and they were giggling so fast i couldnt see(very bad ngstamus) then threw up. after that the floor felt like it was moving up and down, couldnt walk properly and constant spinning feeling which i still have all the time and headaches/pressure. I wasnt stressed at all and pretty happy. no break down can do that to your eyes, i was told v/n and would be better in 6 months now told migraine 3 yrs on (probably) just mega severe, with some damage to ear… no dr is 100% about it

i actually was first diagnosed with this when i was 10-years-old so i would have to believe it was hormonal. not a depressed child at all. my parents actually never told me from my medical charts (which we just found 6 months ago) that was what it possibly could be so i spent the last 20 years of my life not knowing and learning about my body knowing and identifying my triggers and knew that i had to have a bottle of meclizine close by at all times!

Since having my last baby 1 year ago, 2 days later- BAM! I think an exlposion happened in my brain and I have been dizzy ever since. I am thankful that i have now been diagnosed and this explains everything and I have found you guys, but even another nuerologist has said that there has got to be someting more to this than a migraine. It shouldn’t be 24/7.

Anxiety and depression unfortunately has seemed to creep up on me since living like this everyday. Life is tough and not fun.

I came down with a very bad viral infection that wiped me out acutely and severely for 6 weeks in late 2003. It appeared to be vestibular neuritis or the “Big Bang”. From there my already migraine brain (unknown to me but had been causing me lengthy periods of neck pain) was launched into it’s new-found role as dictator and tyrant of this body.


The first time was after an out patient procedure i was put under for. I stayed dizzy off & on for 6 weeks. It came back the following year after vacation (not the calm relaxing kind!) It would stay for longer & longer periods until now its always there.

Mine started gradually two months after my second and last son was born. I started having sensations like the floor was moving underneath me and waves of dizziness throughout the day over the course of a week. Then I started feeling dizzy/lightheaded non-stop about an hour or so after I woke up each morning. I didn’t have true vertigo however.

I was home with my two young children and terrified I would pass out with no one there to help me. Most days I was a panicked, freaked out mess and didn’t leave my house except for doctor appointments, and don’t know what I would have done without my wonderful husband and friends. I have a long history of migraine, but it took awhile for the MAV diagnosis and postpartum depression/anxiety was the first diagnosis I received. Those first five months were hell.

Mine had a sudden onset, and was more typical of BPPV to start with, i.e. I had spinning vertigo turning over in bed, and bending over. I had several spells (once or twice a year starting about 5 years ago) which always resolved within a week. Then in Dec 2009 I had another attack, which just wouldn’t go away, and I had constant symptoms/problems as well this time (feeling constantly unsteady, like I was walking on a boat, problems with visual vertigo and motion sickness). I was diagnosed with MAV (and later with BPPV as well) in the summer of 2010. Largely resolved now, with the help of medication and VRT.

mine started one week after MOHs surgery on my right cheek, where My neck was strained far to the left for about an hour while the Dr. Stitched it closed. For 11 moths, I was told the surgery was not related, until I discovered that I had csf leaks on the right side of my neck that were causing low pressure and my symptoms.

Woke up at 4:11am (I still remember the time) and bent down out of bed to check my iphone, and next thing I knew the room was spinning in circles and I could not walk, my heart was pounding, my legs were weak. I had to hold my head a certain way to avoid spinning. Went to the hospital. They diagnosed bppv. They gave me Antivert and said it would resolve completely in a month or two. Went to an ENT and then a Neurologist and then my GP and then to physical therapy – they all agreed it would resolve in a month or two. They could not have been more wrong. It never went away.

Mine was a ‘big bang’ moment caused by stress - happened in Sep 2008.
It was incredible - months and months of stress (building work being done on our house, although there had been years of stress at work prior, so perhaps a bigger build up than I first realised). Finally, it came to an end - I put the paint-brush down - it was all done - total, complete relief and relaxation and joy - what a weight off the shoulders - dinner on the stove, a bottle of wine open - suddenly the kitchen span violently and I fell over - just lasted a split second or so - picked myself up - 30 secs later, happened again - picked myself up - what was that? Woke up the next day, not feeling right - been 24/7 dizzy ever since…the timing was uncanny…months and months of stress without a problem…get over the finish line, and BAM…vertigo/dizziness/MAV hits…


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Hi…mine was exactly like Longshort’s except it was 5:00 am! and it has been a heck of a ride ever since!!!