How do epileptic patients tolerate Topamax?

Hi guys

we all know that topamax was first approved in 1994 or mayb it was 1996 cant recall for people suffering with epilepsy/seizures. we also know that the people with this condition have to take much higher doses starting at 400mg and above to get their attacks under control. epilepsy is not an easy condition to live with if not under control esp cz the seizure attacks are unpredictable and u can lose all senses during an attack. what i dont understand is if we migraineurs have such a hard time baring the side effects of topamax at 100mg or under, how do epleptic patients tolerate the side effects when their doses are much higher?

Yes Dr S made this point to me that the doses of meds for MAV are way lower than for anxiety, depression, epilepsy etc. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone personally who takes any of these meds x

anybody else have any idea?

I have a friend who takes topamax for bi polar and is absolutely fine, nil side effects. The migraine brain is sensitive to any chance in routine, so it makes sense that we have worsened dizzies and side effects at the start of our trials x

what a wierd illness migraine is…
and one doctor i met says “its not a disease, its a condition”. LOL