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How do I get through this?

This one is tooting my own horn, but I wrote it when I realized where I was compared to where I am now, and how I got there.

Read this and see if it gives you a few strategies:


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Wow, that’s an amazing write up. Inspirational.
Do you feel you live in acceptance? How long have you been ill, and when did you start to move to acceptance?


I do live in acceptance, though like any meditation it takes practice and conscious effort. It is also very important to me to live in gratitude. MAV sucks, but so does traffic. So, I accommodate and do whatever I can to make life more pleasant. I give myself love and acceptance. I forgive the bad days. I don’t dwell on what I’m not, what I used to be or what I wish I was. I make the best of what I have. I am abundantly blessed. I am loved. I have much to give. If my hands shake when I’m reaching out to give a hug, the person I’m loving will steady me.

I’ve been ill most of my life. I’ve had 25+ years to come to acceptance. I came to it gradually and all at once. The only thing I can control is my attitude, so that’s exactly where I put my effort.


I feel your pain. I’m 30 and been through exactly what you are going through. Bed ridden and felt like a drunken sailor for many months, and there are still days that I do. However, with meds-topamax and effexor,change in my attitude to this chronic disease and change in life style, sleeping 7 hours and cutting caffeine i have better control of my symptoms. You will get there love, don’t give up, I’m here if you need to chat x


I just had to thank Flutters for reposting about mindfulness and acceptance. It was really what I needed to read today with my latest increase in symptoms. I am having a very difficult time lately and my horrible attitude is absolutely not helping. I am a control freak and as Flutters said that is the one thing I do still have control over. Im going to read this every day!



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Thanks from me too, Flutters, for your thoughtful response about acceptance and attitude. I’m just a lurker who reads the emailed highlights and saw yours…I started on this site then moved along to other forums after Meniere’s diagnosis. It can be a real struggle when we have no choice but to accept New Normal; indeed it takes a conscious effort, and your words are breadcrumbs we can follow when we lose our way.


Thank you, Theresa. That’s very kind of you. You are always welcome here.

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I woke up dizzy May 2012 and my symptoms really began to lift around 2016/2017. I truly remember, like it was yesterday, thinking about how living dizzy was absolute torture and not knowing when or if it would lift. I remember trying migraine diets, sleeping routines, medicines, and the like. I can honestly say the biggest shift I had came from surrendering to my experience and accepting the dizziness. Not accepting as in “woohoo! this is great!” but more of an “ok, this is what it is, I can’t live in the house obsessing on my dizziness any longer, I’m going to live the best life I can in spite of this.” I went back to school, started driving short, doable distances, and pushing myself to drive further when I could. And slowly, slowly it started to lift until one day someone asked about how my dizziness was, and I was shocked to hear myself say I didn’t notice it any more. I’d also suggest googling “grounding techniques”. I was feeling so totally anxious and in my head just prior to experiencing vertigo and the whole time I was dizzy. Bringing my energy down into my body and out of my mind helped tons. I hope this provides you with some hope and just know, even if it doesn’t lift, you can still live your very best life! Let me know if I can be of any support!!!


Thank you Juliemarie.

I have a 4 year old boy too. I am terrified that I’ll have an bad episode when I’m alone with him. So far, so good. But I feel your struggle. It’s a MILLIONx more challenging and SCARY when you have a little one.

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Yes it’s so hard with having to look after a young child. We just try to muddle through and make the most of it. If you ever want to chat feel free to message me.