How do thos with brain fog cope with it?

For me, brain fog and feeling liking I’m seeing the world through glass and not quite present has been the most distressing symptom. How do others cope with it?

Its by far my worst symptom as well. So far my “coping strategy” has been to suck it up and do everything I need to do, work included, despite feeling totally out of it most days. Hopefully somebody on this forum has much more constructive advice.

The brain fog symptom also delayed me btaining an accurate diagnosis. The fist neuro thought I had epilepsy and the second said that brain fog had asolutely no relation to the migraine headaches.

Hi Cita,

Brain fog has been one of the most bothersome symptoms for me too over the past 18 months. It is important to pay attention to how your body reacts to potential migraine triggers. I have found the best way for me to limit brain fog is to avoid my food triggers, keep my blood sugar stable by eating small, frequent meals, and get sufficient and consistent sleep. Also, try to give your eyes and brain short breaks whenever possible. Otherwise, I’ve learned to just push through it the best I can.

Welcome to the forum! Be well.

Marci :slight_smile:

I agree, this is a horrible symptom for me as well. I call it brain fog or disorientation. I too try to push through but it is not easy and sometimes causes additional anxiety, which only makes things worse. I agree with the suggestion to try (although it is not that easy sometimes) to limit your known triggers, if any, and keep a regular schedule with sleep and food. For me, I think stress is my number one issue followed by not sleeping well enough. Welcome to the forum…there is a wealth of information here and people who truly care! Ben

One of my favorite topics, brain fog. I experience it with most of my dizzyspells, and almost always after. I follow as closely as possible a migraine preventative regime. When I do experience it, I do one of several things, rearrange my priorities so that I don’t have to do any thing to mentally intesive, start taking notes on almost everything, or go home and take a nap.

For me, it gets so bad at times that I just can’t function, I start making mistakes left and right forgetting the simplest things, and a lack of motivation to do anything. It is on those days that I just call it a day and lay down for a nap. Most of the time though it isn’t that bad and I just start work through it doing as a said, rearranging my priorities and taking notes on almost everything.


Cita –

I’ve had severe brain fog now for two days during this workshop I’m doing … totally off the charts. At one stage today I was not able to compute a simple question asked to me during a role playing thing we were doing. A SIMPLE question and I was struggling with the meaning. It’s absurd this illness.


This symptom is HORRIBLE. I remember a year ago, when I was just about disabled from MAV, the aweful brain fog. For me, it wasn’t just the inability to think straight, hold conversations, the depersonalization and out of body experiences, but my entire head would literally “vibrate” as though someone put a massager to my head. My eyes would be all fogged up and I wouldn’t be able to see straight. I was SO convinced that there was something wrong with my eyes that I went to 3 different eye doctors including a neuro-opthalmalogist just to make sure. When I say I had it bad, I absolutely mean it was beyond intolerable. I say this for those of you still experiencing this 24/7 because i am now free of it 100%. I have not had this symptom since last September at LEAST. Topamax was the preventative that stopped this for me. I can now chew gum and rub my stomach at the same time again lol. Multi tasking is now back in my vocabulary. The point is, if I came back from this hell, then there is no doubt that there is hope for anyone and everyone. I thought I would never normalize to a point that i could function again. Thank God I was wrong. Hang in there, the clarity is coming!



Hi Rich,

I saw this post where you mention that Topamax actually helped you with the brain fog. I am curious to know if it intially affected you cognitively (as in sort term memory loss, finding the right word, etc.) Cognitive side effects are not uncommon with Topamax. Also, can you please clarify your experiences with Topamax? (I have read some of your earlier posts.) Are you saying that you suffered from balance issues AND migraine-type headaches and auras (light sensitivity, visual problems) and the Topamax helped with all of these things? I don’t recall you saying anything about having actual headaches, either migraine or otherwise. I know that it helped with your balance issues and most visual issues. Really would appreciate your input. Thanks!