How do you get over your fear of smells? As it leads to hyperventilation/vertigo?

How do you get over your fear of smells?

I saw a biofeedback specialist (Erik Peper) who said that I hyperventilate way too often which I now admit is true, and told me to note when I gasp. It seems my main reason for gasping is a fear of smells even in my own home where there’s no smell I still do it and I also gasp due to my congestion where it feels somewhat blocked to take full breaths (I’ve seen multiple ENTs who say it’s just migraine symptoms).

I assume one should push through and keep remembering to breathe from your stomach until that becomes a habit.

And when one goes out and doesn’t want to risk being triggered, then maybe rub vicks (though I’ve read it can be addictive and the concern for it and essential oils is that you don’t want them getting in your mouth in case you lick your lips). It seems toothpaste is the best thing to rub as then it’s not toxic if you like your lips accidentally. I’ve read someone wears mask when they leave their personal office (even in the walk to the printer), car or home but that seems like one will get dependent on a mask and never adjust to smells. Though I guess you’ll still smell things through one of the doctor’s mask and it can allow you to ease into smells.

Curious if anyone has any thoughts!