How do you sleep

Im just wondering because recently I havent been able to lie down really, I have to have my head propped up basically or else I get a ton of pressure/ wavelike sensations in my head that’s so uncomfortable that I have panic attacks…is this normal or should I be concerned? My doctor did recommend going off verspamil due to fatigue and muscle cramps, so I have cut the dose in half, could this be the culprit? I just don’t know what to do as I’m becoming dillisional with lack of sleep due to this! Any input would be appreciated!

How do I sleep?

Like shit…unless i take sleep aids (prescription) :wink:


I panic when I get into bed, since my worst episodes have been upon waking up, and I tend to feel spinning and motion when I close my eyes.

I am fearful of the bed, but oddly enough, only at night, not during naps (which I enjoy taking).

I still take a tiny benzo before sleep (1.25 mg valium), almost homeopathic, but would like take nothing, yet I am convinced that the small benzo is keeping me from spinning.

Lots of fear, craziness, and superstition here. That’s how I sleep!

When I was at my worst I found it dreadful at night, as when I lay down I felt like I was rocking. The way to get round this for me was a lot of pillows, so I slept propped up. I know you don’t have the same symptoms as I had, but maybe you would feel better being propped up a lot more, rather than being flat?

It’s hard because sleep used to be my favorite time of day, a break from the suffering, but now bedtime is hardest as I can’t even lay down in my bed! The only way I have been sleeping is propped up on couch, not ideal for long term though. Could this be the verapamil, maybe I should stay on it?
It helps to know I’m not the only one with night time troubles. I do have Xanax which I’m fearful of for some reason, do not want to become dependent , maybe I should try a little?

Not good here either. I can only sleep on my back and not sides without feeling dizzy. Depending on where I’m at with symptoms I may wake multiple times in a night or wake in the morning with a sore neck and headache. Rarely do I sleep right through. Occasionally I need a hit of Valium.


Im right there with you longshort.
Pharmgirl, I take half of a .25 pill of xanax at night, and believe me it helps a lot. :slight_smile:


One of my worst and first attacks happened at bedtime so I have an association with it like Pavlov’s dogs. I would dread the thought of having to get into bed. I find if I need to take a little Xanax I do better. I have to have my sleep or I will get a terrible migraine. Go ahead and take the medication. Cut the pill in half at first if you are scared of it and don’t worry about getting addicted. This is about quality of life in my opinion. I think anxiety is one of the worst results of having this damn stuff. Hope you get a good nights sleep soon.

Ok maybe I will try it. I took benadryl last night and had a hangover from it today which was awful as well. The Xanax doesn’t do that correct? Does it make you drowsy or just relaxed so you can sleep?

If I’m having a hard time at night, I take Valium. Theres really no reason to worry about becoming dependent on those drugs(valium, xanax, ativan etc.) unless you are taking a lot, which I’m sure you aren’t because you only need a little for dizziness, nothing like what you would take for anxiety, panic attacks etc.
Im on Verapamil (480mg…the highest dose) and I never experienced fatigue or any other side effects. It helped me almost immediately, but that was in addition to what I was already on (Depakote) have you tried an anti consultant? Those see, to be the heavy hitters, I was horrible before Depakote, I mean, rocking, nauseous, neck tension, headaches, vertigo, you name it. I hate to think about that time, brings such bad memories back :frowning:

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Ok maybe I will try it. I took benadryl last night and had a hangover from it today which was awful as well. The Xanax doesn’t do that correct? Does it make you drowsy or just relaxed so you can sleep?

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I have never taken Xanax, but have taken Ativan and Valium, I would say they help calm my dizziness down a lot but also make me a bit drowsy, Ativan made me less drowsy than Valium but its also a short acting benzo and I wanted to be on a longer acting one.

I’m gonna have to add something soon, my dr wants me to consider cymbalta or nori, did u have any problems with depakote? That one has a lot of se doesn’t it? At this point I’m almost willing to try anything, I need my life back! The rocking is awful! Thanks for the advice, I’m happy you are past the worst.

I sleep really badly. One night I can sleep for 6 hours waking every two hours, another night I only get 4 hours. Nytol gives me 4 hours but I always wake with a migraine, from half of a 25! Amitryptiline helped me sleep but woke with migraine from it. I am still trying to find the magic pill for this.

Sleep position for years has been on my back, propped up with 3 pillows. I cant lay on either side.


We sound pretty much the same Christine. I cannot sleep on my side at all … instant anxiety. I have to try one of your sleep cocktails! :lol:

Hi Bruv,

I just have visions of us all, lying there, like a load of zombies, not daring to move :lol: I have got some nortriptyline from the GP, I now have Topamax, Prothiaden, Cipramil, Sandomigran, Propranolol all in the cupboard. I tried the nortrip years ago, came up with a red lumpy rash, so it should be interesting. She said the Nori would help me sleep. I don’t remember that happening years ago, I only slept with the Ami. They reckon, eat turkey or chicken at teatime, no carb, then eat a load of carb at bedtime, supposed to release the tryptophan and help sleep, it does work, sometimes, but could be coincidence.


I too have to sleep on my back with 3 pillows. If my other half is away I have to put pillows down the middle of the bed cause if I turn in the night I’m in trouble!! Used to love sleeping curled up on my side and I miss it! :smiley:

Those of you who can’t sleep on your side, what does it feel like?

Weird. I feel better on my side. Im so different… LOL
I have more anxiety on my back.


Maybe i don’t have MAV at all then (not officially diagnosed yet but just got a ‘no tumour’ MRI result) because i sleep very well, i love to go to bed because i can drift into oblivion and get away from my headaches/pains and dizzies until morning.

Generally, I sleep quite well.

I used to have to prop my head up a ton, which has really screwed up my neck, but I can use less pillows now. I had to lay on my side while hugely pregnant a year ago, and still can now. I do have to be careful about laying on my left side (leftovers from my BPPV days, I guess. I generally prefer sleeping on my right). I also have to be careful about how I turn over (like, I have to move my body along with my head, not just my head. If I layed down on my back and turned my head to the left, that would be bad. But if I slowly turn my head* and* body to the left, it’s often ok). Every once in a while, while going to sleep, I’ll get the feeling that I’m falling, which I absolutely hate. But most nights are just fine, and I sleep until the baby wakes me.

The worst thing for me has been waking up in the middle of the night with random panic attacks. Like, I jump out of bed, heart racing, sweaty, hot, shaky, dizzy, feel like I can’t breathe. One was so bad once that I called an ambulance, I thought I was dying. (my husband was out of town…they often happen when he’s on a work trip). I never had these before MAV, and they can leave me feeling horrible the rest of the day (or longer). I honestly don’t understand why I wake up from deep sleep with these. I’ve gotten better at calming myself down from them, at least.