How fast are trigger reactions

Just had a question about how quickly a trigger can affect you? I had a container of maple syrup on my french toast and not even 10 minutes later I was soooo dizzy. I didn’t think of checking the ingredients before I ate it. I checked afterwards and it had artificial flavoring in it… big no no… wondering how fast other people have reactions to triggers?

Hi Kathy,

I have not completely identified my food triggers yet, but one time I had a banana with peanut butter (both no no’s) and within 10 minutes, I had terrible dizziness, headache which I don’t normally get and nausea. I was sick in bed the rest of the day! I really don’t know if that’s what triggered it, but I was in shock. I have had small amounts of peanut butter since with no reaction so I just don’t know. But it sounds like that’s what happened to you. Isn’t this horrible? I hate always trying to figure out what could’ve triggered it. Aaargh!

Hope your feeling better.


Hi Mary,

Thanks, The dizziness has calmed down thank goodness. It caught me off guard, that’s for sure! I usually don’t eat any place but home so I have full control of the ingredients, but that piece of french toast looked so tempting lol… That’ll teach me!
I have heard bananas are triggers for some. I sure do miss my banana and peanut butter. I used to have one daily. I have only been on the diet for 5 weeks so I am still at the stage where I have eliminated all the triggers. Hoping this will work for me and not have to go on meds, but we’ll see. It’s hard to figure out what the triggers are!
Have a great day!


Kathy - If you’re attempting the Buccholz diet, it may not have been the syrup that did you in. (My understanding is that the big no-no with artificial flavors there are the more savory ones and not the sweet, as the savory are the ones that tend towards MSG use, though, that said, I suspect any chemical flavoring could be a MAV trigger…) Anyhow, it also could be the bread that you reacted to. Most bread has some form of malted barley flour in it, making it outrageously difficult to avoid, but it is definitely a trigger for some folks (says the person with the chronically fuzzy head who could never figure out what her triggers were and finally gave up trying… :wink: )

Oh, and, just thought of this, so I thought I’d throw it out there - I have issues (largely on my “bad” - i.e. worse - days) with sugar. So, it’s also possible that just the sugariness of the syrup did you in. (See why I gave up the diet? So many variables I was making myself crazy trying to figure it out! :slight_smile: )

thanks Erika… I never even thought about the bread. I usually have whole wheat or 12 grain and the french toast was with white bread, plus it was most likely frozen french toast.
I am trying the Buccholz diet. It isn’t easy to stick to that’s for sure, but if it helps in the long run then it will be worth it. I would give anything to feel “normal” again. It’s so frustrating sometimes. The diet is a pain because you have to make practically everything that you eat. No more easy dinners with pre-packaged junk :smiley: I have only found 2 triggers so far. I can’t wait to be able to add some foods back in to my diet!