How is pregabalin working for you?

I currently take 300mg per day.
Had some vertigo problems lately and advised to increase to 600mg per day which is the limit.

I’m confused and down about what’s happening to me. I can’t seem to find out a trigger as such. Just want to stop the vertigo and I will be happy.

Seems a very high dose of any drug. You need to find out what type of Vertigo you have by testing and go from there. 80mg (two tablets a day) or Propranalol
has worked for me and stopped my sleep shocks and Vertigo symptoms. I do still howerever get blurry vision and the odd migraine slight headache …I can live with that tbh. Try to stay positive and know that one pill (the right one for you) is out there and will transform your life. There is always the possibility of small relapses but understanding of what is happening to you eases any anxiety about it.

ive been taking it about 8 weeks or so…no major problems with it apart from the low pulse to start with. See how it goes with you - if it works fine …if not as your doctor for something else…

Hi yes been taking pregab for a couple of years. It does help me. I try not to increase the dose as I don’t want to depend on it but like paulus said , if you be strict with your eating and also sleep patterns along with the meds then it should be under control.

My probs are food , stress, sleep etc that cause me probs. I currently take 300mg per day but been asked to up the meds to 2x200 per day.

How do you take it? A specialist in London advised me to take one in morning and one in evening.